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Hey everyone! 
So, I just received my votes from Z.K Teamwota, making me eligible to vote for the AKB48 elections! 

Before I carry on, I just want to say a huge thank you to Teamwota for helping me obtain voting codes to vote for my favorite member. In basic terms, what you do is state how many voting codes, cd's or photocards you would like, then they will send you the sum of money it will cost to obtain it. Then a few days after the CD is released, they will send you the votes, along with the CD and photocard if you asked for it. It's like a shop really. 

To find out more about teamwota's services, click here! 
*The service is obviously over now, but they will most likely be up again next year, so look out for it! 
This was my first time voting on my own, so I was a little nervous. 
Usually my friend in Japan will sit with me through skype with the CD's he bought for me, and inputs the votes for me (we never have a problem where he steals my votes, because we always vote together anyway. 2011 was 10 votes for Acchan, 2012 was 5 votes each for Sayanee and Takamina, and 2013 was 10 votes for Sayanee). 
This year however, he wasn't in Japan because he took a course in America, so we had to vote separately. 
This did however mean that I got to experience putting the votes in myself! 
So who did I vote for? 

(the code on the photo has, obviously, already been used by me haha) 

This is the third year voting for her, and this year is the most crucial. We may see her breaking into KAMI 7. I really want this to happen, you know, we've seen AKB, SKE, and HKT in Kami 7, but not NMB. 
I believe this year will be the year where us Namba lovers will put NMB into the spotlight. 
And what other way to do it than through my Number 1 member of 48 girls? Sayaneeee 

I actually put in a vote each for Kawaei Rina and Shimazaki Haruka, because I love them both too. 
If Sayanee wasn't in NMB, one of those two would have been my favorite member. 
And I wanted to give them a boost too, so I voted for them both. 

Hopefully next year, I'll have enough votes to give them at least 5 each~ 

If you haven't voted for your favorite member of the 48 groups, do it now! 

For those of you who don't know how to vote (Through CD code), it's very simple, I'll show you the steps. 
1. Click on the link above
2. Choose to search by Member Name (first bar) or by Team (second bar)
3. Input your code. The first group of characters should go in the first box, and the second group in the box below
4. Click vote, and your done! 

It's pretty simple really. So If you would like to vote, do so. It's great to know that you helped your favorite member smile when she ranks. 

That's all for now haha. 


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