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Minae's life 04 ♥ Four days

The Past 4 days have been really busy for me so I was unable to post an update ; u ; 
So because I have nothing important to talk about, I'll post about the 4 days of events I've had!

I spent the whole day watching anime and reading Manga! 
Because of this, I was able to catch up with all the current seasonal anime and the latest chapters of the manga I'm reading~ (If you want to see the current anime and manga I'm reading, go to MAL)

I received my GCSE results! 
I was most proud of my English, Maths, Music, RE and Spanish scores!
English - (Literature A*, Language A)  Maths - B  Music - A  RE - A* ● Spanish - B
I'm horrible at Maths and Spanish so this was such a shock to me xD

I went out to Camden Lock Market with my Mum, her friends and my Sister! 
I was able to pick up 3 dresses, a bag, sneakers, heels, bracelets and some loom bands.
I ate Spicy Mexican Quesadilla's and Ice Cream~ 
And During the trip, I was able to go online and get Meet and Greet Tickets to see U-KISS! 
Today was really REALLY fun ^_^ 
Mirror selfie from that day~

I was able to go to my friend Christines 18th birthday debut! 
She had a traditional Filipino Debut and it was amazing! SO MUCH PINK! 
And I got to be one of her candles! I had to give a little speech and a message to her which was really sweet but I was nervous because of all the eyes staring ahaha~ 
Christine's dresses were absolutely beautiful so I couldn't stop staring ^^;
I got to see all of my friends who I can't see irl often due to how far away we live from each other (One of those friends live in Scotland, and another in Japan!) so we all had a great time! 
I cut out my face because I was derping, but from left to right;
Me, Hebe, and Christine! 

I ate lots of food and lots of cake and had a blast haha. Maybe I drank a little too much but It was worth it! 

That's all for today! I'm currently writing up more posts for the next couple of days, so please stay tuned! 


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