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Decorating the tree!

Hello little lights! 

There is only 11 days left until Christmas! Usually as a yearly tradition , 12 days before Christmas, my family put up our Christmas tree. This year however, my dad lost a part of our tree (we have a fake tree) so I couldn't get it put up yesterday. We were able to get it put up today though, so here are some photo's for you all! 

                                  Before                                                                 After: With and Without flash                                    

The tree still needs a few more lights at the bottom, and there are still a bunch more presents to be put underneath the tree, so it's still unfinished, but I'm super happy with the result! 
The rest of the house (including the front of the houses lights) is still under construction, so you'll have to wait until that's done before I can show it to you all, but it shouldn't be too long! 

I'll keep you all updated on the finishing touches throughout next week! 

Wan't to know something horrible? 

I still haven't finished buying Christmas presents! 
I need to do it during the week so it get to my friends in time for Christmas~ 

Bye, until tomorrow~! 


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