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Minae's life 06 ♥ Home Alone and Family talks

Hi again~ 

My mum and sister decided to go down to high street to pick up some stuff. I decided to stay home for one more day because I wanted to make sure the flu I caught had fully passed. I sat with my kitten on my lap and played LINE PLAY while waiting for them to return. 

Isn't my line character cute?! She is the chibi version of me, so I need to put some festive clothes on her. I'll post one of her in a new outfit soon~ 

When my mum and sister got back, they brought me some chips! I didn't have breakfast so this was rather unhealthy of me but I was so hungry lmao~ While we ate, we watched Ice Age 2 (I think it's The meltdown?) and talked about various things from the Government, Houses, and planning out Christmas. This Christmas, my mum plans to make it a big party. 

We like to keep out Christmas' traditional, but after dinner, my family always prefers to sit and what TV. My mum /finally/ got tired of it and decided that after Christmas dinner, she's going to turn the house upside down and party through the night! When she said this I thought "madness!" but thinking about it, it would be quiet fun. We're planning on doing karaoke and playing DDR and board games, and them dancing the night away. She wants to invite my whole family and the people on my street to make it like old times when everyone used to hang out together on Christmas. I'm super exited! 

After we finished eating and talking about random things, we saw that Home Alone 2 was on TV! It was getting cold so we put the heating on, lit some candles, made some hot coco (Lemsip for me, as I wanted to get rid of the last of my flu) and sat down to watch the film! One part I've always wanted to reenact was the bit where the bird lady throws bread crumbs onto the floor and all the pigeons flock to her. It's not my favorite Christmas Film, but it did teach me a lot about the benefits of doing good deeds when I was younger~ It's a great film to watch during the early days of December~ 

That's all I've got for today! This was kind of part of the Minae's Life series, so I guess we could call this Minae's Life 06 as well? Saves me the time of writing up another post haha! 
I hope everyone is enjoying the festivities this month, and if you don't celebrate christmas, I hope you're having a good month and preparing for the new year! ^_^ 

Until now it's been, 


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