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☆ Minae's Adventures ☆ Birthday Outing in London!

Hello everyone!
Look at how cute my friends are!! 

I have fully recovered from my cold and gotten all (well most!) of my coursework done so I've found a little bit of time to post about an event that happened around a week and a bit ago~

On Friday the 13th (ohhhh spooky!) it was one of my best friends birthday, and she finally turned 17!

Honestly, because I turned 17 last year, It feels like all my friends have already done so, but as it turns out, I'm the oldest one in my little happy trio squad~ On that friday, we very naughtily ditched our lessons to meet up with each other and head on out to Central London to celebrate the occasion!

Here are a few pics we took while we were there! 

Westminster // Big Ben

Molly // Tofa

Really awesome busker who's name I stupidly forgot!!

I loved this photo too much to not share it xD

Trafalgar Square // National Gallery

Weird looking dinosaur with a cute electric bow on it's leg... 


After taking a bunch of photo's in Westminster and Trafalgar Square we decided it was time for dinner, so we spent the next 2 and a half hours looking for a good place to eat, because we're all picky and China Town gets really busy on Friday's since it's the start of the weekend after working hours. 

After much debate on whether we should eat at the prestigious Dim Sum Dumpling restaurant with the cutest looking waiter guy we've ever laid eyes upon or the go-to Korean restaurant down the road, we ended up eating at Suki, a Japanese restaurant!

 Our dinner! We all got different meals because we like sharing everything! 

Molly's Cake! It looks small but we couldn't finish it! 

After we ate, we went to a local arcade that we frequent a lot, then shopped a little bit in Chinatown and oxford street before making our way home. 

And that concludes our day out! 
I had a super fun time, because we all decided to go to different colleges, I don't get to see them as much as I could before, when I saw them about 6 days a week! It's nice meeting up with them again because we never have a awkward moment, even sitting in silence is comforting! 

I realized I haven't been doing Minae's Adventures often due to college work, so it's more of an occasional thing, but hopefully towards the summer I'll have more time to go places and post new Adventures for you all! 

Until next time, It's been ~


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