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MCM Expo Haul (May 2015)!

(It's been a while!)

A few weeks back, I went to the London MCM Expo! The MCM Expo is a Anime, Gaming, and Comics convention which happens every May and October of each year during the last weekend of those months. I usually go all weekend but due to my exams which were happening around that time, I couldn't spend all weekend there, so I only went on the Sunday!

While I was there, I happened to pick up a lot of cute items, so here are the things I bought!

The first few things I got was from the stall Artbox. Artbox actually has there own store in London, and they frequently attend MCM Expo. It's one of my favorite stalls! I picked up a San-X Sumikko Gurashi notebook and matching Pen! I bought this so that I could write up potential blog posts and jot down some ideas and to-do lists. It's super adorable and I honestly regret not getting a few more! I also got an adorable pink poop sharpener!!!! Honestly, I don't use pencils often unless I'm in my Fashion class, but It was too cute to resist buying it! 

I also got two little key chains from a Tofu Cute and an unnamed stall. The Pink one is a little puff ball from the Japanese brand AMUSE, and the second one is Rei from FREE! I'm going to put these onto my keys and bags to make them look ultra cute!

The last thing here is fake eyelashes! I've never tried eyelashes from a Japanese brand before but I've heard lots a great things about it from my friends so I figured i'd give them a try. So far I'm loving these a lot more than my usual ones, I wish I picked up more now! 

This little plushie I got is also from San-X's Sumikko Gurashi line! This cuties name is called ShiroKuma (White Bear). The description for him is as follows!


(He ran away from the north. An always cold and strangers fearing bear. He calms down when he drinks warm tea in the corner.) 

I've developed a new sort of obsession with the Sumikko characters and I can't help but buy anything to do with them. My sister had to drag me away from a stall that sold hundreds of Sumikko plushies (because I honestly would have bought them all!) 

I also got this super adorable Pink Skirt! I can't remember what the shops names was but I do know that you can get the same skirt on Perfect World's Storenvy website (although it's more expensive). The skirt comes with a cute pearl as the zipper that goes down the front. It's tight fitted with elastic waist band so it could probably fit up to sizes 6-12 (UK Size!!). I can't wait to wear this during the warmer days of summer! 

Here are some games that I got! I've been playing the Atelier series a little after watching my sister play them for a while now and I was really keen to try one on my own. Honestly, I was drawn to the artwork on the cover! ^^; Another game I got was Bravely Default. I remember I got it quiet cheap at one of the stalls. I've heard mixed reactions about this game, but since it's from Square Enix, a company I trust to get RPG's right (hello, Final Fantasy!!), I figured I'd be the judge of whether this game is great or not. I have yet to play these games yet as I have a backlog of games to be finished so I'll keep you all updated on how these games go! 

I was able to get my hands on some Manga (as If I had any more room on my shelf!!) which I was pretty chuffed about, I managed to get my hands on Pita Ten book 2 and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon book 1. Pita Ten was one of the first Manga series I got my hands on, but for some reason I was never able to pick up a Book 2, I had to skip this book and move onto Book 3 which was really frustrating. I already read the chapters in this book online, but I still wanted a hard copy for myself. At long last I was finally able to get it! The Sailor Moon book was quiet spontaneous, I've read the manga online and watched the original Anime, but It's nice to have a book copy where I can read it on my way to college or on a lazy day, so I decided to get one before they ran out of stock. I'm thinking about collecting all the books to extend my Magical Girl collection lol. 

The other two things in the photo are stickers that I got from Artbox too! Of course, they're Sumikko Gurashi stickers. I'm going to stick them all over my school books and planners lol. 

Here are a few TsumTsums I purchased there as well. The Tsums were actually half the price of original (£3 at Disney Store / £1.50 each at Expo), so I bought a few of them here. The Big Hero 6 Tsum's all sold out so I was a little disappointed, but the tsums I got a hella cute! 
From left to right: Daisy Duck, Marie, Minnie Mouse, Dumbo, Thumper, Piglet. 

ANOTHER SUMIKKO GURASHI ITEM?! You can't stop me!! Muuwaahhhahaa~!
I got a Sumikko Mug from Artbox as well, but this time it has ShiroKuma, Pengin (Penguin) and Furoshiki (Wrapping Cloth2) on it. This buy was really spontaneous but I love these little things so much!

Character descriptions: 
Pengin? (Penguin?)  

He is a penguin? He has no confidence. In the past he had a plate on his head...

Furoshiki (Wrapping Cloth2)

Shirokuma's luggage. He can use it to hold his spot. 

I really love these little descriptions they give each character. They all seem awkward and not confident and I can relate to that a lot so I love them!! They really are super adorable! 

I also got a Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) figurine! I won't go into this too much because he's quiet popular and I've got an upcoming post relating to him and the series so watch out for it! 

The last thing I got is this Kuro figurine from the anime Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya! Kuro is probably one of my favorite characters in the series and one of my favorite Magical Girls. Although she starts off evil she turns out to be just like Illya. This is also one of my favorite Figures that I've ever gotten, it's just textured so well and while it is fragile, it's quite sturdy. I got it for £30 which is about £40 cheaper than online prices so I think I got a good steal! 

That's all from today! I hope you enjoyed being nosey with my expo haul! 

Did you go to the London MCM Expo this may? What did you buy? 
Let me know in the comments section! 


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