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♪ Monthly Music Recap | Favorite Summer Songs ♪


This is a post that I should have gotten out a few days ago but as you all know, or should know if you follow my twitter, due to my internet provider going awol on me, I haven't had decent internet connection for the last few days, meaning I couldn't post anything lmao. But I'm here now, and I've got lots to post about so let's quickly get too it! 

Today was the last day of AUGUST which marks the end of the summer holidays for most of the people in the UK. I don't have to go back to college until the 14th but most of my friends go back this week or the next, and everyone is preparing for the autumn season, to put it simply, summer is over! 
It's been a weird summer, but I had a lot of fun, and I listened to lots of cool tracks during this summer which made the hot days go by a lot more nicely haha! Here are some of my favorite tracks of this summer!  

In no particular order! 

AAA - Lover 

Lover is just such a chilled out track! I absolutely love it, easily one of my favorites of this summer! It's just such a cute song to listen to! The melody and their voices and the simple but uplifting beat really carry the song. They all look absolutely stunning too! I really love the music video as well, it just screams SUMMER. AAA hit the nail on the head with this release (as always), It went straight to the top of my Summer Playlist! 

SONG -  9/10 | MUSIC VIDEO - 8/10 | ENJOYMENT 9.5/10 | OVERALL - 10/10 - Otsukaresama

Warning! Ultra hilarious cute akiba girls enjoying summer! I know a lot of people don't like Dempa's voices, but I think that their voices really carry the song. I don't expect things to be perfect when you're really having fun, and these girls really do look like they're having the time of their lives! The music video is hilarious and crazy, it makes me want to dance about everywhere~! 
SONG -  10/10 | MUSIC VIDEO - 9/10 | ENJOYMENT 10/10 | OVERALL - 10/10

Axwell /\ Ingrosso - Something New

This song didn't come out in summer, but I knew that this would be a track that I would be playing throughout the May til August and I was right! It's just such a cool track that you would hear at a festival or club, where you can just forget about all the shit in life and enjoy life as it comes while dancing the night away! I did that a lot this summer, and this song played quite a bit in London! I went to Piccadilly Circus at night one time and while this song was playing, everyone was singing along, nicest summer night I've had this year! 

SONG -  8.5/10 | MUSIC VIDEO - 7/10 | ENJOYMENT 9.5/10 | OVERALL - 8.5/10

Hakoiri Musume - Hohoemi to Haru no One-Piece
 [A Smile and A Spring One-Piece(dress)]

This was a pretty odd one, but I really love this song! I found out about it on Hello!Online and I'm so glad I did because it's just such an adorable song that makes me happy! The girls are ridiculously sweet and they're just your typical idol girls singing a typical summer-ish song~ Their little dance movements and shy camera shots are just adorable!!! 
The little sparkles you hear throughout the song is the nicest touch! 

SONG -  8/10 | MUSIC VIDEO - 7/10 | ENJOYMENT 8.5/10 | OVERALL - 8/10

SHINee - View

Well how could I make a favorite summer songs post without including the one and only, SHINee's View! This is literally the summer song of the year, you can fight me on this I don't care (send me your address yo!). It's got the summer flare oozing off the music video, the lyrics making you feel some type of way, the song itself being perfect for clubbing or a party or a general summer day. There is absolutely no way you can sit still while listening to it. It's such a feel good song and I'm sure it will be a song a replay for many more summers to come! 
SONG -  10/10 | MUSIC VIDEO - 9/10 | ENJOYMENT 10/10 | OVERALL - 10/10

Apink - Remember

Now this might be biased coming from me, but I feel like Apink won the award for the best female group summer single by far. The song is generic and simplistic in a good way, I think. It's a good pick me up song for those lazy days in the summer where you stay at home doing anything~ The music video is so vibrant and cute, and I love the hints of pink throughout the video. The line distribution is great and the video is just so aesthetically pleasing. It's just Apinks style, and I love that. The ending shots steal my heart!! <33

SONG -  8.5/10 | MUSIC VIDEO - 9/10 | ENJOYMENT 8/10 | OVERALL - 9/10

Skrillex and Diplo ft. Justin Bieber - Where Are Ü Now

Well what can I say about this song, it's just such a club banger haha. I rinsed this song out throughout the summer to the point where my friends would skip it every time they heard it before I could ask them to keep the track playing! I know I'm not the only one who keeps singing along whenever it plays. It's just so catchy damn it. To be honest I think that a lot of summer tracks that JB sings are really great, I still play Beauty And A Beat 3 years later! The music video is so creative, a lot of people think it looks weird but man I love watching all the drawings, it's so cool! It's also fun to sing "Where are you now that I need ya?" whenever I lose something or if I need help opening something and no one is there lmao

SONG -  8/10 | MUSIC VIDEO - 9/10 | ENJOYMENT 9.5/10 | OVERALL - 9.5/10


And that's pretty much it! This summer has gone so quickly but to be honest I'm actually quite glad that it's over!  I like to have a sense of purpose and going out to college and having a schedule is what keeps me going! I will admit that I'll miss listening to these songs while baking in the English summer heat lol.  I will probably listen to these songs whether it's summer or not, because they just sound so good! 

What was your favorite song for this summer?
Leave me a comment down below or sent me a tweet! 

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