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♥ Minae's Life | The busy month of August ♥

Hi there everyone! 
I hope you're all having a good week~ All my friends are back in college now but I don't go back until next week, so I'm taking this week as a part Relaxation, part College Recap so that I can regenerate like the robot I am, and have a head start in what I'm going to be learning in each subject! 

This whole month has been crazy for me, while I didn't get to go on holiday like a lot of my friends did, I've done lots of things over the last few weeks here in London and I've experienced a few others for the first time! 

Before I begin I just wanted to address a problem I've been having with my blog recently. I'm still not able to reply to certain comments! I don't know why, but some comments show the "reply" button and others don't, so please know that if I don't reply to your comment it's not me ignoring you, I've read it and appreciate you reading my blog! I'm still trying to figure it out so please bare with me! <3 

So here is what I've been up too~! 

Picture Heavy!

 Wannabe KPOP dancers! 

Me and my friends wanted to learn the dance to KPOP group Seventeens song 'Adore U', so we went to the Olympic Park to practice it! We only lasted a day, on day two we got tired and decided to get a smoothie lmao. We tried our best though and we actually learned most of it! We just didn't record it haha! 

London Korean Culture Festival 

On the 9th me and Molly went to Trafalgar Square to see the Korean Culture Festival! The festival had lots of live performances from Korean traditional and modern dancers, bands, and of course f(x)! There was also lots of shows to showcase other parts of Korean Culture such as Fashion Shows, Food Presentations and Short clips on the history of S.Korea. It was such a fun day although it was super hot! 

Sister's Birthday & Catching up with friends 
It was my sisters birthday on the 13th so me, her boyfriend and her friends organized a little meet up in Central London. We went to the Arcade and played some games (and witnessed my sister kick this guys ass in Tekken lmao), Ate some food and had some Ice cream since my sister doesn't like Cake lol. Before that I visited Molly's house to see her and Tofa since it's been a while since I last met up with the both of them together at the same time. We took a good 200+ photo's together lmao 

Job Experiences 
I applied to a ton of jobs over this summer and had a pretty weird experience. I first applied to a local store near my house that sells stationary and I was able to get the job since they see me around all the time! It was only for a few weeks as a Temporary Summer job so I got decent money!

I tried to apply for a Part time job in Events Bar Work, which is basically a job where you help serve peoples drinks at a bar, but in different locations, one day you could be serving in an Night Club, the next you could be serving at a Music Festival! They said that I was perfect for the job, but I wasn't allowed to take it because I'm not 18 yet. They did however say that when I turn 18 I could give them a ring and see where we can go from there so it's not too bad. 

I also applied to LUSH, how I love that store, and while I made it past the CV stage and Interview stages, I didn't make it past the floor trial stage! I was a little upset, but not too let down because during the interview stages I made new friends, and during the floor trial I was able to make quite a few sales and made friends with the sweetest little kid who asked if I was always there so I could play with him and his sister more! I also got a few freebies which was awesome since I needed to re-stock my lush supply. They let me know that I could re-apply again whenever I like so I'll probably do that after I've settled into college more. 

Also! On my way home from the floor trial, I went to get Starbucks, and the guy in front of me in the queue pre-paid for my drink! It was so sweet of him, but I wasn't able to say thank you because he had already left by the time the Barista let me know! He'll probably never see this but, to that kind lad, thank you <3 

Final Summer Outing 
Although summer doesn't officially end until the 22nd of September, summer is pretty much over for us brits by the time September starts and we all go back to the regular working/school schedule, so before my friends went back to college and uni we had a little catch up session! We went to Central London since it's more convenient for us. 

We prank called this girl who's phone number was written in a pen tester scribble book in Muji, but she told us she knew nothing about the store so one of her friends must have written her number down as a prank, we felt bad for her so we let her know that we scribbled out her number so she wouldn't get anymore prank calls! 

We also took a trip down to my favorite cafe which I posted about here, went to Waterstones to have a silent book session because we're all book lovers, and took a stroll down Regents Street, and Oxford Street to window shop before going home.

August was filled with lots of fun, but I'm glad it's over and I'm excited for the Autumn season to fully start its course! The remaining days of my summer holidays are limited so I'll be making the most of it! 

What did you do over the Summer? Leave me a comment down below! 

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