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Hi everyone! How have you all been doing?! October has been a hectic month for me so it's taken a while for me to get my head around things and figure things out. I've just finished watching the Princess Dairies 2 (one of my favorite Disney films) and it's made me realize that, the life of a princess is always hard, but we get through it eventually and everything turns out okay in the end. So I took that as a moral of this week so that I can persevere and keep motivated for the next week ahead. 

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I've been feeling really seasonal (is that an accurate word?) lately so I wanted to do this tag that I saw flying around while I was browsing through Pinterest, something I've been doing a lot this October. As you guys know, Autumn is my ultimate favorite season of the year, so I'm going to take the time to celebrate it with this tag! I hope you enjoy it~! 


image Favorite Fall lip product? image
Uhh I think that would have to be my trusty Rosy lips Vaseline lmao. It keeps my lips moisturized for hours on end and prevents it from cracking or peeling from the cold weather. Another Lip product that I use to keep my lips moisturized is my (MALIN+GOETZ) Lip Moisturizer which I got for my mother, but I use it from time to time as well lol. As for lip colour, I'm really loving my KIKO Velvet Matte Satin Lipstick in the shade 209 Cherry Red, it's such an amazing colour for fall. 

Favorite Fall Nail Polish? image
My Favorite nail polish is currently 'OPI Scores a Goal' from the brand OPI, which is again actually my mothers, but I like to steal borrow her stuff because I don't have many Autumn nail colours in my mail polish collection ^^

image What Music do you listen to in Autumn? image
I listen to anything really, but during the autumn season I tend listen to more slow jams and ballads. Anything that keeps me chilled out will do the trick. Here are a few tracks to give you an idea of what I'm talking about lol. (1) (2) (3)

Favorite Starbucks Fall Drink? image
Of course, it has to be none other than the Pumpkin Spiced Latte. It's the one drink I get when I've finished a long day at college and just want to chill out and relax while drinking. One drink that has caught my eye however has been the Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino which was recommended to me by my friend. I personally prefer the PSL but the SCMF is a good option to take if you want to try something new!

 Favorite Fall Candle?
Honestly I don't have one. I use whatever candles my mum buys for me because they all smell great!

image Hot Chocolate, Tea or Coffee? image
Coffee in the morning, Tea (usually Green Tea) in the Afternoon, and Hot Chocolate at night. My favorite type of Hot Chocolate is the "Banana Hot Choco" from Kahve Dunyasi, a cafe my friend introduced me to a few years back. I wrote about it in my previous blog here

image Favorite Fall Scarf or accessory? image
Urmm this is a hard one.. I think I would have to say my leg and arm warmers, and my scarf! I can't go outside without them! It's not too chilly around this time of the year, but once November 1st comes along, that's when the cold really kicks in! 

imageHaunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
I don't like anything Haunted, but I've survived a haunted house before and I've been to London Dungeons which was pretty much like a huge Haunted House, so I would go for that one. 

image Favorite Halloween movie? image
It would have to be Halloweentown. I freaking love that movie, it's a must watch every year! 

What is the best thing about your town during Autumn? image
The lights! There isn't a street in town that doesn't have little fairy lights up on the polls and road signs. I love it the most in December though, because when the nights get really dark (I'm talking pitch black), the streetlights make it seem like it's still daytime. It also looks kinda homely in a way, i don't know, it's cute haha

image Favorite candy to eat on Halloween? image
I don't really eat candy in general, and when I go trick or treating its for my little cousins and their friends. I do however like the gummy bears and gummy snakes lol 

image What is your favorite Autumn colour? image
Burgundy, purple-brown colours, ALWAYS.

image At which point of Autumn do you think "Christmas is here!"? image
November 6th. HAHA no seriously! Autumn festivities works like this in the UK; It's "Halloween Season" from September 22nd (the start of Autumn) to November 1st. Bonfire Night Season is from November 1st to November 6th, and Christmas comes to the UK on the same date. We have Christmas festivities from that point until the 28th of December where people go "Oh shit IT'S NEW YEARS IN A FEW DAYS GET THE ALCOHOL" 

image What are you dressing up as for Halloween?!
I'm still undecided, but I might go as either a Witch, Sally from TNBC, or Eto from Tokyo Ghoul. 

image Favorite Autumn memory? image
When Jayson took me to the Christmas market and we spent the night eating crepes and waffles under the London Eye while stargazing. Wow that sounds a little corny and cliche now that I think about it, but that was one of the most memorable thing I've done during Autumn.

image What is your Favorite thing about Fall? image
I've got a lot of "favorite things" but I think the best thing would be when I go out with my friends or family to a really chilled out restaurant, cafe or bar, or just for a nice walk around London at night with all the pretty lights while we're all snuggled up together in our warm jackets, knowing that everyone has something going on behind the scenes but we're all leaving it behind us for that one moment to just enjoy the time being spent together with friends. That's my ultimate favorite thing about Fall. 


Well, that's it! I hope you all enjoyed this! One thing that I did a lot in this post was switch between the words Autumn and Fall. It's the same thing, but since I live in the UK, we call 'Fall' 'Autumn', but I use the word 'Fall' as well, so I tend to switch them out a lot. Sorry! Hahaha~ Well, Since it's Sunday I'm going to get on with my "Sunday Pamper session" and get ready for the week ahead! I hope you all have a great day! 

I tag anyone reading this to do their own fall tag! Have fun with it! ♡ 


What is your absolute favorite thing about Autumn? Leave me a comment down below! 

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