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SPOTLIGHT #1: Bake Off is Back / Destiny Charity Stream + Blog announcement!

The Great British Bake Off: our favourite recipes - Telegraph:

Hi everyone! It's been a while lol! I've been job hunting! It's not going well haha, most of them have flat out rejected me due to lack of experience, but some of them have given me interviews so i'm keeping my hopes up aha! 

I'm gonna go right and start the first Spotlight series with a bang by writing about 2 topics! Right now I just wanted to talk about a few things because well, i have a lot to say but i didn't want to put it all into separate posts since they're not huge topics? So please bare with this somewhat erratic post lol! 

Let's start with the first topic! 

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The Great British Bake Off is back! 
Ohmygosh you guys don't even understand how much I love this series! For those of you who don't know, the great British bake off (GBBO for short) is a 10 week series that runs during Autumn annually, based on baking of course! The aim of the show is similar to X Factor or Masterchef, each contestant has to be the best at Baking different types of desserts each week to avoid elimination, and by the end of the show, the final three compete for best baker. Every week has a different challenge, many of which are things that the contestants haven't tried out yet, so i'm always sitting at the edge of my seat in case something goes wrong lol. There are a lot of accidents! I always find myself holding my breath when the contestants are balancing their 2 foot, extremely fragile, cakes in their hands lmao. 

If you're a cake lover like myself, you should really check this show out! It airs on BBC1 every Wednesday from 8pm, but if you're not from the UK, I think you can watch it on BBC iPlayer or on Youtube! It has 6 seasons with the 7th one starting this week (by the time i post this the first episode would have already ended, oops!) 

QUICK TIP! Never watch this show on an empty stomach! Always have a little cake to snack on while watching one because I assure you, you will be drooling for one when you see the types of things they bake! 

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Destiny Community Con Charity Event! 
The next one is about a game I love to play a lot, called DESTINY! It's an online multiplayer first person shooter game that came out in 2014, and I've been playing since day one (if you've been reading this blog long enough, you'll have probably seen me post about it!). It's a really fun game and I recommend it! The community within Destiny is so warm and friendly, it's not like League of Legends where I almost always had a bad experience playing online lol. 

This same community have come together to hold a 7 day charity event on Twitch (a streaming site for gamers) to donate to the children's hospital St. Jude. They will also be holding a gaming convention just a day after the stream, in which all proceeds will go to the same charity. The original goal of $200,000 for the event broke within 4 days, and has since increased to $350,000 (as of this post, they have reached $340,000!!! There are already talks of expanding the number a final time to $400,000! To think that just $31 can help a family care for their child. For families who can't afford decent health care, this is such an amazing thing. That's just incredible to me. I live in the UK, so since we have the NHS, healthcare is free for me. I've never expected to be a part of a community that are so caring enough to come together for this charity that's helped so many kids be able to experience simple things that i've taken for granted in life. It's really made me have a different outlook on things. I've never been more proud of a gaming community and I wish more were like this! 

As for the stream, it's currently ongoing and on it's last day (it's a 24/7 stream!), so if you would like to catch just a few moments of it, you can check it out here! If you would also like to donate to the destiny charity pool, you can click here, or if you would like to donate to St Judes directly, you can click here

The last streamer Professor Broman, will show at 12pm EDT (4pm GMT). Since I watch his streams regularly, I will be putting in my donation during his stream! 

And that's it! So, that's it! Haha, I didn't want to keep it too long which is why made this first spotlight a two post thing, but I felt like I wrote a lot even still? Lol. I hope you enjoyed the first Spotlight post and continue to read the upcoming posts for this series!


One last thing! I'm going to do a Back to School series! I know that most schools in America have already started and I'm sorry for not doing this sooner, but as for the UK and other countries in Europe, for all schools and colleges/uni's, we don't go back till around the 1st September to the 18th, depending on the school/college. So this will be a maybe two week long series! Even though classes have already started in the US, you can still use the tips and tricks i write in this series, so don't worry about it! Please look out for the upcoming posts!

 Thank you so much for reading! ^_^

If you like the idea of this series, please let me know down below in the comments section!

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