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Hello everyone! How long has it been?!

Sorry for not updating you all with any posts. Truth be told, I actually have tons of posts prepared to show you all but I haven't gotten round to editing them all so they're all just weird kind of drafts. I can't wait to show them to you all soon!

Remember when I made this post here a couple months back? It's really funny how things can change in half a year. I can honestly say that I was at the most depressed state i've ever felt. Fast forward to December and I've never felt more content with my life at this moment. On the 28th of October it was my 20th birthday, so I want to take a moment to look back on all the good things that happened to me during my 19th year of life haha

♡ I passed my Foundation Art and Design course!
♡ I changed my doctor and now have a really reliable doctor who I trust.
♡ I got accepted into my dream university, UAL!
♡ I'm officially a fashion stylist, which puts me one step closer to my dream job.
♡ I've improved immensely in my job and I'm "Right on Track" haha.
♡ I kinda got myself into a sorta-relationship? don't know HOW I was able to achieve this one lol
♡ FINALLY started actively learning Japanese by taking language classes at my uni!
♡ My mental and physical health is improving! I say this like I didn't just experience horrible asthma symptoms this weekend LOL, but the last few months have been a huge improvement!

And It's not just me who has improved, my friends are doing so well right now too! One of my best friends is studying in Korea, the other is going to a prestigious uni, and the other two are taking gap years to improve their health and careers! Seeing my loved ones doing well in life always makes me feel better than ever!

I want to use the rest of this year to focus on the blessings that have come my way these last couple months, and try to maximize my success. Finding my place in uni, making my health better, managing my blog and career, practicing self care more, going above and beyond at work, working on my self love and loving others, and just keeping the good vibes up.

I hope you're all doing okay, and thank you for reading! 

- minae


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