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☆ Minae's Adventures ☆ Celebrations, Jurassic World, and Picnic's!

Hello Everyone! 

I hope you're all enjoying the LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR~!!! I also hope you're having fun with your grandpa, fathers, uncles, brothers who are soon to be fathers, and every other father figure you have around around you today! 

Today I'll be writing a mashup of events from the last week or so, there is a lot to talk about so I'll get straight too it! 

Exam Celebrations with College squad! 

A few weeks ago I finally finished my exams, so me and my college friends decided to celebrate! Due to differences in free time, the celebration was delayed by a few weeks, but we were able to go eventually! We went to Big Moe's diner after school and chilled out a little~ 

Jurassic World with Molly and Irina! 

Me and Molly had another adventure in London! We went to the Olympic Park on an extremely hot day to chill out and play in the water fountains lmao. We also met up with our friend Irina and went to watch Jurassic World! It was a great film, and the little raptors were so cute! I have a weird liking for Jurassic animals (my favorites being Turtles/Terrapins!), and I have a long term crush on Chris Pratt, so it was an enjoyable film ^_^ 

Picnic Meetup! 

Yesterday I went to Holland park with my good friends to have a picnic! As usual, my friends are unreliable and a lot of us didn't bring any food lmao but it was still very enjoyable! We played in the children's park despite it being for 2-14 year old's only (we're still kids at heart!) and saw Peacocks, Koi Fish and Squirrels! Holland park is so huge, we didn't actually see the whole park! 

Then we all went to a Korean Restaurant to eat since we were obviously still hungry!! The very kind workers gave us extra free food because we frequent there so often, it was a very amusing day! I hadn't seen a lot of these friends in months since we all live far from each other, so it was great to see them all again! 

It's now Sunday, and tomorrow I will be hanging out with my good friend Danni and my sister after i finish college, but until then, I will be using the rest of today to relax, play some Animal Crossing, catch up on Sailor Moon Crystal and Abipop's Japan Vlogs, and pamper myself good!

I hope you enjoyed reading this little update! Look out for more posts~ 
I'll be posting weekly from now on! 

Before I go, I want to address this current situation I'm in. 
For some strange reason I can't seem to reply to certain comments on my posts, no matter what I do, the reply button just doesn't want to show up! To all the people who I have yet to reply to, I do apologize, I just can't for the life of me figure out what the reason behind it is. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, please let me know because I've done all I possibly can. 

Until then, feel free to send me a tweet directly on twitter, I'll reply to you instantly since I'm always on there! 


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