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My name is Jasmine, aka Minae (pronounced 'min-ayy') online, a twenty-three year old artist from London. Currently a fashion student studying Styling and Production at University of the Arts London.

I have a lot of hobbies and so much to talk about, so this blog acts as a platform for me to share my hobbies, experiences throughout my life, as well as my thoughts and feelings during that time. My own personal online diary. 

likes / interests
astrology, jpop, marvel comics, shinee, atmospheric optical phenomenon’s, red panda’s, figure skating, water, used paper coffee cups, anime, conspiracy theories, kpop, unfinished books, stationary, memes, space, final fantasy, turtles, kermit the frog, the calm before a storm, peter pan, dusk, sex, jam on toast, cyberpunk, creating art:)))

to find my own style of art. 100/100. style a photo-shoot. sleep more. sleep less. do a cartwheel. create my own brand. stop procrastinating. travel on my own. complete a cosplay. own a joint book store/cafe/shop. assist directing a marvel film. direct more shit. be confident in my first choice. learn sign language. learn a language. to explore and develop my artwork to make something out of this world. save myself.

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