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Minae's life 02 ♥ Back to school~

Hi everyone! 
I'm back at school now 

Ahh, the moment I got back into school, I've been stressed out and really tired! 
I hope this is just me getting used to the routine again.. 

I'm prepared for school this year, it's my final year, so i'm excited! 
I need to bring my grades up quickly so I can get an A for most of my subjects

Which means, I have to work hard! 

Kim Jongin said this to a fan in a fanmeet a while ago..

“If you don’t get good grades, don’t think about liking me. Even if EXO seems like the most important thing in the world right now, after a while you’ll regret it. You’re in your last year of school now, and it may be the most important period of your life so rather than us, focus on your studies and we can meet again after you become someone you and I are proud of.” 

I will work hard using this as my push forward! 
Kim Jongin, I will make you and EXO really proud of me! ^^ 

My left tooth is starting to wobble !

I need to look after them more by not eating so many sweets! 
But I love sweets... 
My favorite drinks right now are Chocolate Milk Bubble Tea and Lemon Iced Tea

It taste's so good! I would take a picture of the Chocolate Bubble tea but I can't get it in shops, I have to go to Central London to get to my favorite Boba shop ^^ 
If you all get the chance to try this drink, I RECOMMEND IT! 
I changed the subject of having a sweet tooth..

I heard yesterday... 
TOKYO 2020! I was so shocked... 
I thought, Tokyo won? Really? For real? I was so happy! 

I immediately told my mum, and she said "Let's go watch it together" 
I went to the London 2012 Olympics, It was my first time seeing the games with my own eyes, instead of seeing it on screen, but I didn't have to fly to another country because I live in London xD 

I'm going to the 2016 Olympics because my mum really wants to see Brazil ^^ 
I want to go too, and see Rio Rio xD 

I really can't wait for Tokyo's Olympics, It will surely be the best one I've lived through. 
I imagined seeing Vocaloids, AKB48, Titans and Morning Musume in the opening ceremony and laughed a lot xD
Imagine if they were all still popular at that time? I would love too see the Current MM really matured and popular! 

The subject changed again.. 

I will work hard this year! 

-Minae ヾ(^∇^)


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