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= AKB48 35th Single + 6th General Election Senbatsu Predictions =

Hi cuties 
I had an 3 exam's today! (PSHRE, Geography and Maths) 
I'm tired, but I felt like doing this prediction for the next general elections~ 
Let's go

    5th General Election results   

Sashihara Rino (HKT48, 150,570) (↑3) (Senbatsu Center)

Oshima Yuko (136,503) (↓1) /announced graduation/

Watanabe Mayu (101,210) (↓1)

Kashiwagi Yuki (96,905) (↓1)

Shinoda Mariko (92,599) (-) /graduated/
Matsui Jurina (SKE48, 77,170) (↑3)
Matsui Rena (SKE48, 73,173) (↑3)
Takahashi Minami (68,681) (↓2)
Kojima Haruna (67,424) (↓2)
Miyazawa Sae (65, 867) (↑1) /transferred/
Itano Tomomi (63,547) (↓3) /graduated/
Shimazaki Haruka (57,275) (↑11)
Yokoyama Yui (53,903) (↑2)
Yamamoto Sayaka (NMB48, 51,793) (↑4)
Watanabe Miyuki (NMB48, 44,116) (↑4)
Suda Akari (SKE48, 43,252) (↑13)

Taking into account that Sayaka (Aki), Mariko, Tomochin, Yuko Sae won't/might not be participating, my predictions do not include those members

1 & 2. Sashihara Rino vs Watanabe Mayu
Before I would have said Mayuyu will definitely have this because Sasshi was a one off situation. But after Sasshi declared that she wanted #1 again fans most likely wont stand back and let her lose this so I think it's going to be an all out battle between her and Mayuyu.

3 & 4. Kashiwagi Yuko vs Matsui Jurina 
Jurina's popularity increased dramatically again so I predict she'll have a secure spot in the Kami 7. Management doesn't seen to care for Yukirin lately but I'm almost certain she still has her fans from previous years that will try to fight her back into the top 3. 

5. Takahashi Minami (+3)
I say this out of hope because I truly think she deserves it with all the work she does. She's like Yuko now, at the top of the ceiling for her abilities within AKB. Because of this it's most likely this election will be her last as a AKB member so I hope that her fans will get her back into Kami 7 and that she doesn't end up like Tomochin.. 

6 & 7. Kojima Haruna vs Matsui Rena 
Once again, an all out battle between them. If Rena doesn't take 5th then here fans will be battling to make her stay in Kami 7. Koji might have gained fans after being center for the 33rd single and she's said she plans to leave AKB this year so her fans well try their best to get her back to the spot she had at the first senbatsu election. 

8. Shimazaki Haruka (+4)
She's got the push and the fans and the publicity. It's the highest she can go so far to be honest, unless she and her fans decide to surprise us all like Sasshi haha 

9. Yamamoto Sayaka (+5)
Do I even need to explain? Sayanee is gorgeous and she always raises in ranks instead of drops so I honestly do not expect anything less than #10 from her. She along with Yuihan seem to be the 2nd Takamina with their leadership skills so I have high hopes for her. (As she's my favorite AKB/NMB member of all time, even surpassing my love for Acchan, I hope her for to rank higher than this lmao #1 please xoxo)

10. Yokoyama Yui (+3)
I feel like she will be the one to shove a barrier between Sayanee and Milky. Her ranking has been going up steadily each year by 3/4 so this seems like the most suitable slot for her imo. He seems to have gotten another push so it just solidify's my prediction here. 

11. Watanabe Miyuki (+4)
Like the other's above, she's gathered many more fans but I just don't see her surpassing Sayanee anytime soon. I won't be surprised if the ranks above Yuihan though. 

12. Minegishi Minami (+6)
All I have to say is that If she can still get 18th (30k) after a scandal, and then rise up again as the leader of a team and make it back into senbatsu, I truly believe she has the ability to rise up in ranks and fans will do anything to make this happen. 

13. Kawaei Rina (+12) 
I know it's a huge jump but if SayaMilky and Sasshi can do it then why not Kawaei? She's shown a significant amount of progress and made a name for herself. To be totally honest I would be happy if she even made senbatsu haha 

14 & 15. Suda Akari (+2) or either Shibata, Takajo and KitaRie
I feel like they'll be fighting for this spot haha.. I do hope that Kitarie get's the spot though. She's a known face and still has time to improve her abilities before management decide to give her the boot and let younger gens take over. 

16. Umeda Ayaka (+3)
I think she'll get back into senbatsu but only because the 4 other girls at the top of this post might not participate. If they do however I don't think she'l make it but she'll definitely be under girls center. I hope she makes it though.. I feel like this will be her last year in AKB (considering her age and duration in the group) 

And that's it! 
I think that most of it will be wrong and this year senbatsu will be shaken up a bit 
Because of the mass graduations...

I wonder if Acchan will participate.. 
I doubt it haha
But I think Mariko will just to troll everyone and take #5 again for the lol's 


AKB48's 35th Single will be released on the 26th February! 

I know most of my followers are Either KPOP, Fashion or Hello!Project fans, but if you like the single please support AKB48's new song. I'ts Yuko's last single so IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE IT GET 1.5M SALES! 

That's it for today~ I have to get ready for school tomorrow haha
Until now it's been, 



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