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Minae's life 03 ♥ Just a bit longer. . .

Hello my sweet potatoes! It's been a while right? 
A month and 4 days, to be exact. 
Exam's are going well, better than what I expected haha
I finished 9 out of 20 exams during the past two weeks. 
They were very tiring, but I pulled through. 
I'm on half term right now (It's this thing in the UK were we get breaks after a few months of school so that we can chill out and relax for a while and trigger warning prevent's kids from stressing and damaging our brains and bodies and committing suicide from the load of work), but I'm still working hard ahaa
I've been revising for the rest of my exams during this half term, because the exam's start the monday after this "holiday", so I have to be prepared! 

I did however find time to go out with my friends Hebe and Gbemi to see the latest Disney film starring Angelina Jolie, "Malecifent". 

One word. Amazing. 
You see, I'd been looking forward to this film since it get announced. This is because Maleficent is my favorite Disney Villain after Cruella De Vil, and I feel like Jolie being her in the film made it so much better. One thing that I didn't expect was to sympathize with her, but after they showed what she went through, the betrayal, and the loss of all things great in her life, I could understand why she did what she did, setting a curse on the kid and all. 
 I really came to like Diaval, Maleficent's crow and servant. He was really funny and brought out Maleficent's soft side a little, which was cute. He was really sassy too! 
The only thing I had a problem with however was that the film seemed to attempt to follow the route of Frozen. Family love, or "True Love" will break the spell, which isn't that much of a huge problem, but I feel like it wasn't really needed in this film, and they should have kept that bit the same as the original, or if they were going to twist it up, twist it up real good and surprise us. 
Trying not to spoil things as much as possible here, so I won't say much else about the film, Because I did enjoy it, I will give the overall film a 4/5 (I marked it down a little because the outcome of the story became a little too predictable, even for a disney film) and recommend this to all the Disney fanatics, the people who like films with fantasy creatures in it, and for people who like Kings who go insane. 

I always apologize, but sorry once again for the lack of updates. I'll try to update as much as possible during this period of time, But it's a loose promise because of how tight my schedule will be during this month. I will try to be a better idol and update my G+ more with my whereabouts etc so please look out for those and follow me here! 
Because I've been away for so long, and many good and many unfortunately unfortunate events have happened during this month, I decided to do my Music Monthly recap now, so look out for that one which will be up in a few hours! 
Until then, it's been, 


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