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Monthly Music Recap! #1

Hi everyone! I've been wanting to make one of these for a long time now, and I had a bit of time on my hands away from my hectic schedule with school and college, so It's finally here! 
My own Monthly Music Recap! 

This new segment on my blog will revolve around all the music I love. I'll be writing reviews on new releases and talking about my favorite artists activities etc etc haha I hope you guys enjoy it! OKAY Let's get started~ 



Morning Musume released their 56th single about 10 days ago!
It's a beautiful double A-Side called Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe/Password is 0! 


Get the single here! 

I've been following Morning Musume a lot and I have to say, this is one of my favorite singles from them. 

Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe

They haven't released a slow tempo song like Toki Sora since "Nanchatte Renai" so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the song! It's got a beautiful melody and harmonization of the girls are amazing. The PV is a space type of theme (considering the song is called "Beyond space and time") and I thought they did a great job with the green screen. Just over a year ago they were using horrible effects with the green screen for "Help Me!!", so I feel like this is a huge improvement. The outfits are stunning and have a really elegant feel to it with drapes on their skirts and shoulders. I love how Upfront stylists are being more creative with their outfits, we can see their individual personalities through their outfits, and new fans can differentiate them too, which is a huge plus. I also love how they're bare foot while dancing, it gives it a more soulful feel. ^_^

- Song 9/10 - Choreography 6/10 - PV 8/10 - 

Password is 0!

This track really surprised me. I'll admit that when I first listened to this, I thought "wtf" ahaha
I wasn't too fond of the "zero zero zero" repeating all the time and disliked it even more when i started singing it on my way to school, during class, walking to the store, before bed, get the picture? This song is super catchy and will leave you singing it until the day you die! After a few listens I somehow grew to love this song. 
The dance is to me, a lot better than TokiSora was. It's a lot more complex and has flows with the song more. Riho, Sakura and Ayumi kill it in the dance break. The outfits were cool, but not amazing tbh. It would have been great if they used their outfits for the CM deal they had so that they looked more noticeable, but they pull off both looks either way. 

- Song 8/10 - Choreography 9/10 - PV 6/10 - 

The single made Morning Musume's 5th consecutive first day and weekly #1 single with 119,000 copies sold on the first week! Overall this single was amazing so I recommend it to anyone who like jpop! 

Single overall - 8/10


A lot has happened in the 48 world... I'll give a brief update on some of them haha
Shimazaki Haruka (Paruru) Joins instagram!

She wrote a message on her G+ and Yumemoba about it;
"I started an SNS called instagram since yesterday. It is paruruofficial. Please follow me!"

Please follow Princess Paruru's request and follow her now! 

The "AKB48 Group Daisokaku Matsuri" has officially gone into affect.

For those of you who don't know, This event was planned in order to explore new possibilities for all members in the AKB Group, as said by the General Manager herself, Takahashi Minami. And boy did it ever! The shuffle, if anything, ripped all the teams' characters and personalities and swapped girls around or sent them overseas. 

Some of the most shocking moments in this shuffle were;

-Miyazawa Sae to join SKE48 and be captain of Team S
-Yamamoto Sayaka to have concurrent position in Team K
-Kashiwagi Yuki to have concurrent position in Team N
-Watanabe Miyuki to hold a concurrent position in Team S 
-Matsui Rena to have a concurrent position in Nogizaka 46
-Nogizaka 46's Ikoma Rina to join AKB48 as a member of Team B

Honestly, After this shuffle I had to sit down and have a moment xD 
If anything, I feel like management got rid of the whole "rivalry" thing going on between the groups and made them actually look like sister groups. The teams have changed, but my love for the groups haven't, so I will continue to support them until the end of time. 


AKB48's new summer single has been announced!

Their 36th single will be titled 'Labrador Retriever', which will be released on the 20th of May. This single will hold the voting codes for the 37th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo. 

Personally, I think that's a pretty wacky name, A summer song about dogs? Not what you would expected from the most popular Idol group in the world, no? But this single has a catchy melo tune that just screams "simplicity", which I love. the whole single is simple really, but do they need anything more than simple when they know it will easily sell 2 million copies on the first day due to the elections? xD 


I personally love Type A the most because my two favorite girls Sayanee and Paruru are on the covers, plus I love Takamina, so it's a win win for me! I have ordered one single and have bought 3 voting tickets to vote in this election. I'll be giving 2 to Sayanee and one to Paruru and Ricchan <3 
If you haven't heard it yet, you should take a listen, its really great! 


Honestly, not much has happened in the KPOP universe this month due to the Ferry Incident in Sewol which basically stopped the whole country from running, But I'll try to update as best as I can. 


Apink released their latest mini Album "Mr.Chu" a couple weeks ago and finally achieved their first win on a music show! 

I'm so so so so proud of my girls! They've been working hard non stop to achieve this. Seeing them cry made me sad haha, but I'm super glad than they're so happy about this win! They're such an amazing group and deserve all the wins they can get! (If you haven't realized by now, Apink are my favorite girl group after SNSD). I truly hope they continue to succeed in the future.


Luhan and Kris Join Instagram!
IG clearly seems to be the new trend for idols recently, because Luhan decided to follow Kris' footsteps and create an Instagram account too! 
Go follow them now >>> KRIS / /  LUHAN

Exo's comeback "Overdose" has been delayed for a while now due to the ferry incident, but we still got the pleasure of seeing EXO-M perform the song in Chinese on a music show~ 

*Inserts fangirl screams* 
I love this comeback so much, more than any other comeback they've had before this (yes, including Growl). The song is literally perfection, the hip thrusts dancing is perfection and EXO in general are perfection which make me love it even more. It's really a shame that we don't get to see EXO-K or EX0T12 perform this yet but I hope that moment comes soon because its really just PERFECTION.


Akdong Musician have been crawling their way into my favorites list for quite some time now, and their new Album 'PLAY' just solidified my love for them. Their promotion tracks "200%" and "Melted" are on my monthly top played tracks on my itunes, so I just had to do a mini review on them! 


This MV was chosen to be released by YG himself. And it was a good decision. The song is preppy and fun, and quiet whimsical. The MV shows a school girl (Soohyun) who is , basically, in the friend zone. Soohyun act's as a stalker who follows the guy (her friend) that she likes as he goes to school, chats with her, eats lunch with her and so on. As the MV unfolds (literally, the MV unfolds, just watch it xD), we see that she is actually just following him while he's with a girl that he likes (or his girlfriend), and she isn't receiving the same love that she's trying to send to him. Quiet a sad MV really, but they made it so that it's a cute song.xD

- Song 8/10 - MV 10/10 - 


This song and MV took me by surprise, and I even teared up a little while listening to it.
The song was written and composed by AKMU's Chan-hyuk, which surprises me because of how sad the song is. The fact that AKMU both decided to release this song as the promotional track tells me how aware they are of the world they live in. The track is quiet deep and solemn. It talks about humanity and how we are so "all for ourselves" that we don't think about others happiness, thus turning us into a cold world that's slowly killing itself. They even say in the lyrics "If the ice melted, a warmer song would have been brought about" which I could translate too, because of this world and humanities attitudes, we grew up just like them, so the ability to produce a happy song is gone. 
The MV is extremely symbolic and shows a boy who's role is the "innocence" of humanity, and as he goes on about his life, his heart turns cold due to the people around him and who he encounters. When he finally snaps and turns Ice cold, the Native american guy helps him find the warmth in his heart and Melts the ice. 
This has to be my favorite YG song and ranks highly on my all time favorite songs list too. The meaning of it is so deep, and I feel like people should be more aware of how humanity is so that we can fix this problem. 

- Song 10/10 - MV 10/10 - 


Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty

Okay, I'm going to start with the fact that I did not originally think about talking about this but its become such a hot topic so I thought, why not? Remember Avril Lavigne? No, the same Avril who song "Sk8tr Boi" and "Girlfriend". Remember now? Well this little scene tween decided to release a new single for her new album and called it non other than Hello Kitty. 

Avril parades about Harajuku, Akihabara and Ikeburo with her 4 similar looking dancers taking selfies and telling everyone "Minna saiko, arigato, ka-ka-ka-kawaii" (which translates to "You're all great, thank you, c-c-c-cute")  I don't even think I need to comment about what it's about because its pretty clear, hello kitty, obviously. The first thing I thought after watching this is that she was trying to imitate or create her own version of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I'm not going to lie, it's a catchy song, like most of her songs are, but you will not be seeing me listening to it on the bus or on my way to school xD 

- Song 6/10 - PV 5/10 - Brightness 11/10
Kawaii-ness? over 9000!!

I guess this is it for today, I hope you all enjoyed this segment, and hopefully If I get more requests to do this I'll make it a legitimate series! 
That's all for now, until then it's been,


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