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4329 Days - Omedetou~ Michishige Sayumi ♥

Looking at the title, it reminded me of the Kingdom Hearts game, 358/2 Days, but Kingdom hearts is not what I'm going to be talking about xD

This post will be dedicated to Morning Musume, who graduated the best idol to ever exist, Michishige Sayumi. 

Honestly, writing Sayumi and Best Idol ever in the same sentence is really funny, because I never expected myself to put those two together in a sentence a few years ago. A few years ago, I would have said "Sayu, that poisoned tongued girl, right?", and I never would have thought she would still be in the group in 2014, but wow.. how times changed. 

Let's rewind a few years back. 

  photo MorningMusume-LinLinJunJunKamerEriGraduationConcert2010121530558518-50-42.jpg

I found out about Morning Musume, it was back when Shouganai Yume Oibito was released. I was in love with the song, and from then I found a few other songs like Nanchatte Renai, Aruiteru, and Mikan which I loved too. I never really became a fan of morning musume during that time though. When I got into Morning Musume and became a fully fledged fan, it was exactly a few weeks before the graduations of Eri, Junjun and Linin. During that Platinum Era, Sayumi was never my favorite, and she still inst to this day! Sayu was my 6th favorite during that time, and my 6th favorite of this current gen! 

Despite her not being my favorite, I came to love her a lot during her final years as a member of morning musume. 

Actually, Reina was my favorite member from the time I got into MM until her graduation, and I'll never forget her graduation message she gave to Kamei Eri during the Rival Survival tour; 

"I had a dream...that when the 6th generation comes to lead morning musume,..... we give a boost to morning musume..together"

Although her dream didn't happen the way she wanted it too (with Miki and Eri with them), she and Sayu were finally able to achieve that dream once Sayumi became leader. At first, I didn't expect Sayu to be leader despite her being older than Reina.. It was a known fact to all Musume fans that Reina was the more suitable member to be leader at the time, so seeing Sayu take it on was surprising. I'm glad she did though, because Sayumi went on to become, in my eyes, one of the best leaders Morning Musume ever had. 

Back to present. 


Sayumi got rid of the poisoned tongued character, remodeled her cute persona, and took on a more leader like role. During her 2 years, 6 months and 8 days as a leader of Morning Musume, she along with Reina, helped bring the group back out the dark era that the Platinum Era fell into. She taught the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th generations all she knows about being an idol. How to perform, how to handle criticism, how to please fans, how to promote themselves on tv, how to be a true idol. The 6th generation for me, did more than what any other could as members of morning musume.

On a personal level, she became someone who meant a lot to me. She pulled me through with her words of encouragement to Morning Musume and all the fans. She showed us that even if you can't take it anymore, you can always pull through in the end. Even if no one thinks you can do it, you can prove them wrong with a smile. Even if you're not the center, you can still shine. 


The final test to become the best idol ever came right before her signature song, Lalala no Pipipi, where it became obvious that she hurt her leg during the concert. Despite the pain she was going through at that time, she professionally and swiftly proceeded on with the concert while dragging her poorly leg from one position to another. It was this point that solidified her title of the best idol for me. To get up and keep performing such complex and energetic choreography like Shabondama and Password is 0 while in pain is a huge accomplishment. The other members too, for acting so professionally and adjusting to the missing member in their medley was so great! 

I'll admit, before the graduation concert began I felt like Sayu should have a grand exit with unnecessary yet extravagant things, but during the concert i realized that im glad they didn't do that. At the end of the day, Sayu is a Morning Musume member, so for them to make her graduation feel like all of the OG Musume's ones put together, made me feel happy. 


Sayu truly impressed me over the last few years. She, somehow, became a top idol who shines not by herself, but one who shines with her fellow members. I'm so happy and honored that I could witness such a great idol have her final performance with the group she and i adore so much. I'm really going to miss Sayu, her shy debut era, her poisoned tongued era, and her leader era, her musume era. 

I've been lucky enough to witness all of the Platinum members graduate (except Koharu), and all of the current members join the group. I hope that the new era of musume's can take all the skills the 6th gen with Sayu's leadership gave them to create a new Golden Era of Morning Musume. 

But for now, for one last time, i'll say; 
Michishige Sayumi, Chayuu, Sayuchan, Sayuuuu~~~ Sayumi-san!

Thank you for all your hard work! Congratulations on graduating! 
 お疲れ様です! 卒業おめでとう!

4329 days. 
2003.01.19 ~ 2014.11.26


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