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[Review!] Sailor Moon Jumper ♥ Spree Picky Review!

Hi everyone! It's been a while right? 

I've had a lot going on this month... education, seeing perfume live, and a few other emotional events, but let's save all that for later (Minae's Life ♥ 6!!) and get on with this review! I've been really reluctant to review this store because I've heard tons of good and bad reviews, but I finally caved in and decided to review it! So lets go~! ♥ ♥ 

For those of you who don't know, Spree Picky is an online clothing store that sells a ton of cute stuff, ranging from cute clothes, shoes, bags, wigs, stationary, accessories, and more! They also provide free shipping to selected items, and they do customization's as well! 

The Item I bought from them was the super popular Sailor Moon Jumper! I was initially going to get the Chibi Moon Jumper but they only had Small in stock and i like my jumpers baggy so I can sit inside them like a turtle haha~ 

Note: This is NOT a sponsored review!

Stock Photo  ♥

Click the photo to buy the product! 

Shipping/Packaging  ♥

I ordered this jumper on the 16th of November, and Spreepicky shipped this two days after on the 18th. I was really impressed because the shipping time estimation was 3-5 days! The jumper arrived to me today on the 21st of November, making that only 5 days since I ordered it! I have to say, it's one of the 3 things i've ever ordered online to get here so fast! This item also had Free Shipping! 

The package came to my door wrapped up in the standard Royal Mail packaging, so I wasn't too fussed about that. Underneath that was a HUGE amount of bubble wrap to keep the jumper safe. Then under that was the spreepicky packing (shown above). The package came with the cutest little My Neighbour Totoro post card message thanking me for shopping with them and cute little heart shaped earrings as a freebie! There were literally no faults with this packaging.

Shipping/Postage: ★★★★★ / 5

Product ♥

Size: Small/Medium
Bust: 105CM / 43.34"

The product was exactly how the stock photo looked! Truly impressive. I have to admit, I was expecting the jumper to be super thin and not warm at all (to UK weather standards) but to my surprise I found it to be extremely warm. The fabric had a nice texture so I don't have to worry about it irritating my sensitive skin which is a huge plus. The Collar and arm cuff-lets are stretchy so its really easy to slip on and off! 

Product: ★★★★★ / 5

Here are some photo's of me wearing the jumper! 

Overall: ★★★★★ / 5

I'm honestly so so happy that I bought this jumper because its just the cutest thing ever! 
I would recommend spree picky to everyone! 

I hope you enjoyed this review~ 
More to come soon! ^_^ 

Until now it's been~ 


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