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☾Leimotif☽Who needs personal space?

Who needs personal space? 

First up on my new segment 'Leimotif' will be looking at the theme "personal space". Who needs it? Simple question really, anyone that wants it. Personal space is something that should be respected at all times and not overlooked. If someone wants space, they are entitled to it, and no one else has the right to go against that. So why is it that when a few members of EXO, a Korean pop group, come to London for a paid vacation, fans decide to invade their personal space? 

Idols and Celebrities alike seem to only be graced with personal space during one period of their lives, before they get famous. Once they're relatively famous, their space becomes our space. We decide how much space they want, and how much time alone they need. Those celebrities don't get a choice in that. Their fans will decide those things for them, because we're entitled to it, right? 


For some reason, many fans have developed this belief that they're allowed to touch or be intimate with an idol, and that their idol shouldn't hold anything against them for doing so because its a "fans right" to get up close and personal. For some reason, they think that its okay to keep grabbing onto their biases arm when they're pleading for them to stop. For some reason, those fans say that "these guys are celebrities, they should expect this to happen to them". 

Not only these fans, but everyone needs to realize that even though we are at the stage where we expect to see celebrities being grabbed at and followed endlessly by their fans, it doesn't ever make it okay to let it happen. One of my friends who went to the Airport to see them said it was a complete disaster, many fans were disrespectful to the managers and security gaurds who pleaded for them to move back, and forced their way towards the members of EXO to be able to touch them or get a good view. It's no secret that EXO have... very emotional fans, some of which go to extreme levels just to see their favorite members. Unfortunately, because of the fans that believe its okay to invade their idols personal space, it gives the fandom a bad name, and makes the group, that they're are supposed to support and love, feel uncomfortable when they're around their fans.


This doesn't just count for celebrities, but for every person living on this planet. If a person doesn't feel comfortable with how close you are standing next to them, it's within their right to politely ask you to give them some space. You shouldn't take offence to that and try to move closer to them. The only thing that does is create friction between you and that person, and it would make that person weary whenever they ever meet up with you again. 

Celebrities know that most of the fans do what they do because they love them, and they don't realize that they're actually borderline harassing the person they love because they're so caught up in the moment to notice what they're doing is wrong. Imagine how Idols must feel when they get off a 10+ hour flight, and one of their fans clings onto them and doesn't let go, despite their pleading to stop. Take a moment to think about how celebrities may feel when their personal space is being invaded. They're humans too, and deserve to be treated as such. 

Hopefully, when the four members of EXO head back to S.Korea after their filming, the fans here in the UK will be less pushy and aggressive as they see them off. 


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