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I am so sorry for the lack of updates. If you read my previous post it briefly explained why I was absent, and how I was going to go into further detail later on in the week. Unfortunately a lot more things happened to me this month that made me have to put blogging on hold for a while longer (apologies!) so I'm just going to let you all know about what exactly happened during those last few weeks of me being offline ^^

If you follow my twitter you will see various rants (lol) from me about some of the events I'm going to talk about. Apologies if posts like this annoy you, I just felt like I owed you all a explanation and a little bit of info on my life right now >.<

Like I said on my previous post, during the first few days of this year I managed to sprain my ankle and pull a ligament in my foot after landing badly while practicing a routine. I ended up having to put a cast on it for a while so for a few weeks I was going at snails pace. Fortunately enough, the cast isn't on me any longer and the sprain has gone. My ligament is still healing so my doctor said I shouldn't dance for a while until at least mid February which is a shame, but I can walk normally now so that's a plus.

Another situation was to do with my college. Because of Business Studies (a subject I couldn't stand - I've got no idea what possessed me to choose the subject) I ended up feeling very anxious and nauseous. It brought back my anxiety and caused me to have 2 panic attacks in one week. Of course, my mother wasn't happy with this, so she called up the college and we had to attend a meeting (which was actually today). Long story short, She was able to talk to one of the nicer teachers at my college, and got me off the course. Now I'm able to take up a new subject next year (this year september), and carry on with my other subjects, which I'm really pleased about!

A few other events happened which is more to do with my friends so I wont go too into detail about those, but lets just say there was a lot of comforting going on this month (due to deaths, break-ups, accidents etc).

So overall, so far Janurary hasn't been the best to me right now, but not all was lost as I was able to learn a lot of things this month such as;

- I cannot handle confrontation, especially when I'm being yelled at or forced to do something I disagree with.

- Nothing will get resolved if you don't tell people how you feel and what you want.
- I can handle intense physical pain.
- I can't handle needles and injections.
- "Friends" who only talk to you when need something out of you are not true friends.
- Friends who put you before their education (despite your protests) are ones you should hold onto forever and never ever let go.
- The UK education system sucks.
- So do Business studies teachers.
- The weather forecast in the UK always lies when they say "a chance of snow" and "a few sunny spells" for London. They're always wrong.

That's all I've got for today!

I will be posting a new haul soon so look out for that!


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