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HAUL | April Spending!

Hello everyone! How was your half term holidays (or spring break if you live in america!!)? I hope you've all had a nice vacation. This April has been pretty hectic for me. Over the past few weeks I've been preparing my fashion coursework and outcomes for that work in time for my fashion examination (next week!). I've also been revising for my other subjects, but I've mostly been focusing on fashion since it's a practical based subject that needs hours of preparation. Luckily during this hectic time, I've found a little break to write up a post that is long overdue.  During my half term I was able to go out and buy a few things, so here is a little run down on what I bought!

Lush Cosmetics Skin Care 

Lush Products have been my favorite thing to buy this year! I've been meaning to pick up a new face moisturizer so I decided to go out and buy one from my favorite store and only ended up getting a little more than anticipated!

Celestial Facial Moisturizer 45g / £12.50
When I first saw the price of this product I was taken back a little seeing the pounds go into the 10's, but it's perfectly reasonable if I say so myself. It's been a little over two weeks since I picked this up in the beginning of April, and honestly if you saw how much of the product was still in the pot you would think I haven't touched it. A little goes a long way. It's got a nice lavender scent that's not to strong but strong enough to wake you up a little. The texture is literal perfection, it glides onto my face so smoothly, I honestly couldn't ask for a better moisturizer!

Charity Pot Face and Body Lotion 240g  / £12.95
I first received this in a little tiny tin pot filled with a dollop of the product which I now refill to carry with me on days out. This lotion has to be one of the nicest smelling lotions I've ever bought! It's got a weird scent that I can't really put a name on, but it smells divine! It leaves my skin feeling moisturized all day long and leaves me with a nice dewy feeling after application. What I love the most about this product is that LUSH actually give all (yes, ALL) of the money to small organizations that align with Lush's own ethics.

Rose Queen Bath Bomb / £2.75
I won't lie, I've yet to try this product but I thought it looked really cute and I'm a sucker for Pink products. It smells incredible and I've seen some good reviews on this bomb so I will use it as soon as I've finished the other bath bombs I've got sitting at home!

Eau Roma Water Toner Water / £4.99
If you saw one of my recent posts you would know that I already bought this product not long ago. This buy was actually for my mother. She loves Toner's a lot and because I've loved this product so much I decided to get one for my mother. She's really into Lavender scented products so right now she's really loving this one. I'd recommend this product to everyone and their favorite women!

Disney Products

Disney's 'Marie' blend Mug / £8.95
I've actually been eyeing this mug for a while now since I really love Marie! Isn't it the cutest mug ever? My photography skills doesn't do it justice, it's larger in real life! Since getting a Peter Pan Mug on my birthday and a Mulan Mug for Christmas, I've become obsessed with Disney mugs! 

Disney's 'Thumper' Tsum Tsum in Small / £3 at Disney Store and Clintons
I got this little cutie on a whim when I went into Disney store, because since playing the LINE Disney app game 'Tsum Tsum', Thumper has become one of my favorite tsums to use, so when he became available in Disney Stores around London I jumped at the chance to grab him before he sold out! He's super adorable right? They can also be used for wiping your phone screen or laptop/ipad, and they're super cheap at 3 pounds!  You can also get Tsums are your local Clinton Cards, so be sure to check one out if you're looking for one! 

Hollister and Victoria's Secret

Cresent Bay Mist by Hollister / £11
This product is hands down my all time favorite Body Mist! I've been using this one since the original came out, but the new recipe for it has made it so much better, stronger, and long lasting. It's got this sweet fruity scent. It's not too overpowering but it lingers on my skin for hours on end and only really goes away when I've showered at night! It's the perfect scent for the spring and summer this year.

Victoria's Secret Make Up and Gift Bag offer / £16
I was initially at VS solely to buy the little Make Up bag shown above when I came across this cute little offer while roaming around the store with my friends. The offer was buy 2 get 2 free, so I couldn't pass on that, could I?! Along with the Make Up bag and Pout Lip Stain, I also got two Beauty Rush Colour Shine lip gloss' for free. This would have cost me £32 pounds had I bought them all separately. The Make Up bag holds all my makeup and other girly products, and the lip products are amazing. They go great on top of my MAC bullets.

Morrisons Adventures with Mum! 

These two products are things that I picked up while going shopping with my mum one morning before having some breakfast at a really cute cafe! I got this little white pot from the gardening section (surprisingly!) and thought it would be great for my make up brushes. IIRC it only cost me (well, my mum paid for it, Thanks mum!) £2.50! I also got two bigger boxes to put my college books and portfolio's in for around thee same price! 
The other product I got was the May edition of ELLE magazine for £4. I rarely buy western magazines ever since my favorite one COMPANY stopped publishing them back in October, but Elle magazine has recently been my go-to magazine that I'll read during my do-nothing Sundays. I've gotten half way through this magazine, I'm saving the other half for this Sunday! 

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this little read! I'm currently writing up a few more posts so that my blog doesn't go through another post drought! 
Do you have any of these products? What's your favorite one? 
Let me know in the comments section or send me a tweet! 


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