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♪ Monthly Music Recap ♪ | MARCH

Hello Everyone! 
Where has the month gone, We're already in April!!
 I hope you had a great month and a fun april fools day (although we all hate the occasion!) 
Today I present to you, a recap of all the musical things that have happened in the month of march. I haven't done one of these in a few months now so I'm super excited to be getting back to it! This will consist of news on many artists and idols, new releases, and scandals.
All opinions on each topic is my own only, please respect those opinions haha~ 

I'd rather get the bad news out of the way now, rather than leave it for the end of the post. 

JPOP | AKB48's Kawaei Rina Announces Graduation

The news came during AKB48's Spring Shuffle 2015, where the General Manager Kayano Shinobu, stated, "Kawaei Rina (Ricchan), graduating". Which shocked all the fans in the arena. 
Kawaei explained in tears, "Because of the incident last year, I haven't been able to attend any handshake events. People around me told me not to worry about it, but I did. Though AKB48 cherishes the handshake event, I can't attend it, and I will never be able to... so I was thinking what to do." Kawaei also revealed how she noticed that she loved to act through her appearances in dramas, and so she wanted to learn acting from scratch to pursue her dream. 

Ahh, Ricchan....
As you all know, Ricchan is one of my 5 current favorite members of AKB48, so when I heard about this announcement, I was shocked and sad. However, I was also quite relieved. A lot of us fans could tell that she wasn't enjoying being in the group as much as before, so we're glad the weight has been lifted off her shoulders. A girl her age shouldn't have to go through the trauma of someone trying to kill her. I hope she spends the rest of her time in AKB happily, and that she'll have a successful future in the japanese acting industry when she graduates. 

MAINSTREAM | Zayn leaves One Direction

There isn't much to say about this that everyone doesn't already know. To be honest, I've never been a fan of One Direction (I prefer Union J!), but I was a little sad to hear he had left the group because I do remember watching them on X Factor years and ago, and seeing them on TV when they got popular. Zayn's a cutie, so I hope he does well in life with whatever he chooses to do, whether that's in the music industry or not. 

Favorite Music Video Releases! 

KPOP | EXO - Call Me Baby

E X O! Damn was I excited for this release and the group did not disappoint me. This song is amazing! Both the song and the members outfits reminds me of NSYNC's hey days. All the members looked great, and the Music video wasn't in a box! (THANK YOU SM!) Needless to say, I've had this song on replay for a while now! I can imagine how amazing Kris and Luhan would have looked in this MV, but that would just make me sad. I'm looking forward to seeing the live performances of this song this month! 
Song - 10/10 | Music Video - 8/10

MAINSTREAM | Carly Rae Jepsen - Really like you

This is probably one of my favorite songs from Carly. I didn't really like 'Call me Maybe' so every time I heard about Carly I would just shut down. I actually didn't know this was her song because I never saw her in the MV until near the end! Tom Hanks did a great job, it funny to watch, and made me enjoy the video a lot more. I was surprised to see Justin Bieber appear at the end so it was a cute touch. Watching them all dance at the end made me want to get up and dance too! 
Song - 8/10 | Music Video - 9/10

KPOP | Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake 

YES! This song! This music video! Everything about it screams YES! The start of the song freaked me out a little but I started to love it after I replayed the song a few times. The song is a mix or EDM, Rapping and general Singing. I think Red Velvet are one of the only KPOP groups who can pull off songs like this. Happiness was amazing too! The new member Yeri is super cute and all the members look stunning. I've been searching everywhere for the pastel jumpers! They're super cute, I need to contact SM asap!
Song - 10/10 | Music Video - 7/10

KPOP | Super Junior D&E - Growing Pains

Three KPOP related videos in one month? I apologize, but these three songs have been on repeat for a while now xD
I've always loved Super Junior, and Donghae and Eunhyuk have been the life of the group for me. Seeing them grow up and create music together has been so exciting to watch. They have become more mature since they came out with Oppa Oppa, but I'm really loving this current style they have. I'll be repeating this song all year round, its definitely not a song you can only listen to through one season of the year. The MV was quite different from what SM usually give their artists, so I'm really impressed with it too. A lot of bromance going on there, but that's nothing new to D&E! 
Song 10/10 | Music Video - 9.5/10

CD Releases! 

JPOP | Country Girls - Itooshikutte Gomen ne [Release 25th March]
Hello!Project's new group Country Girls made their official debut with their first major single, which sold 45,032 copies within it's first week! Their first debut single has already outsold their sister groups Angerme and Juice=Juice debut singles. 

Wow! I'm so so proud of this group! I have to say, Hello!Project (Up Front) did a great job with promoting this group and the members inside it. Even still I never expected them so sell so many copies during their first week! This is amazing and I'm really happy that I got to see them do well. Momochi is still active as a Country Girls member and Playing Manager, so she taught these girls everything she has learnt from her 11 years experience in Berryz Koubo. 

This is my favorite song from the single, It's so pretty and cute. PINK EVERYWHERE! The girls are absolutely adorable in this video. I'm glad to see H!P put some effort into their music videos this year because the groups all deserve it and it helps promote them better! I would like to see more songs like this from them because they bring the cuteness back to Hello!Project. 
Single - 8/10 | Song - 8/10 | Music Video - 10/10

And that's it! There was so many other things that I wanted to talk about, like Suzy and Minho dating, Taylor and Calvin dating (Both couples are adorable!), Sungmin and Jaejoong enlisting, and a few other releases, but as always, I only post the news I think was most important to me haha~ 

I hope you enjoyed this recap! 
Did you listen to any of the songs? What was your favorite release from the month of march?
Leave me a comment down below or send me a message on twitter!


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