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☆ Minae's Adventures - Hyper Japan 2015 (Part 1/3) ☆

Hello there! How are you all doing today? 
Im going to dive straight into this post because it's almost a month overdue! No excuses this time, I've just been too lazy to edit the photos and write this post up until now! But, now I'm here, with 3 days worth of photo's and news to talk about, and there's a lot to go through!! 
Because of this, I'm going to split this post into three, so please look out for the next posts to come! 

Hyper Japan 2015 (Part 1/3) - Hyper Kawai, Culture and LIVE 
Hyper Japan 2015 (Part 2/3) - Meet and Greet sessions!
Hyper Japan 2015 (Part 3/3) - Hyper HAUL!

So let's get to it!

On the 10th of July of this year, I went to the annual Japanese festival called Hyper Japan, which took place in the O2 Arena this year! Instead of going for one or two days, I decided to get a weekend ticket and go all three days! I've never done this for Hyper Japan before, so I was really excited to see how this weekend would turn out! There was so much to see and lots of things to do, so I was entertained the whole weekend! 

Hyper Kawaii + Culture

The first thing I did was look around the stalls! There were so many of them that it took me a good 2-3 hours to check out every stall! I was in love with all the figures that were there! They were all super cheap as well! The Kawaii section stayed true to it's name, everything was beyond cute! I was in my element LOL. I was dragging my friends around to every stall to gush at all the cute pink glittery things! If only i could go back!
 I was really upset when I got to the Japan Center stall and found that four hours into the event, and all the Melonpan got devoured already!! I made a note to go there immediately the next day so that I don't miss out on some! The next day, I went back first thing and got THREE! 

After checking out all the stalls, we went to the see the traditional Japanese acts! We looked at some pretty Bonsai trees and Yukata and tried to write in Japanese (which I unbelievably failed at! It only inspired me to properly learn Japanese more) We watched this amazing performance from a traditional dance group called Takarabune! Unfortunately, I was so engrossed in the show that I forgot to take any photos!! 

Other things I completely forgot to take photo's of: 
Food I ate during the weekend
Gaming Area
Matsuri Garden

After realizing I forgot to take many things, I face palmed so hard! I really wanted to show you guys all I could, but I was just so excited lol! I'm sorry, I'll do better next time! 

Hyper LIVE 
Hiragi Rio, Hoshiki and Toshi from X-Japan and Air Eoi

Okay this was probably the best part of the whole event! I've never in my life seen so many Japanese artists that I love in one place at the same time!! It was literally every hour a new act would come up to perform. I won't lie to you, I could have spent the whole weekend in this one place alone! 

The first performance I saw was by Air Eoi on the Friday, and my god was it amazing! She's a soloist that is known for singing popular Anime openings for example, Sword Art Online (IGNITE). I was really excited to see her because I heard that she sounds exactly like how the recordings do, and boy was that true! She performed flawlessly and was really sweet to her fans. I loved her set so much that I went to see her again on the Saturday! 

I was also lucky enough to meet the legendary Hoshiki and Toshi from X-Japan on the Saturday, and It was just... indescribable. I'm actually honored that I was able to see them and up so close as well!. So many people went to see them that the Hyper Live hall was completely packed. They've been around for so long (I'm talking decades) yet I've only heard a few of their songs. At the end of their set there wasn't a dry eye in the house! There was one fan who threw an alpaca on the stage, and during their performance they couldn't concentrate because the alpaca was so cute lmao. It was hilarious to see. They announced they would be having a concert here in London next year March, so I'm going to see if I'll be able to attend! 

I saw Hiragi Rio on the Friday, and whoa, she is what you call the ultimate Akiba Idol! She was adorable and so fun to watch! During that performance, I became a Wota for her! It was crazy! Her wota were up front next to me teaching me how to do certain parts of the wota dance, and I danced along with them! It was probably the best experience I've ever had with Wota at an Idol performance. I loved her so much that I bought her CD, got a photo card of her, and got to meet her during a handshake event! Score! 

Lost Ash stole my heart that weekend, they really did. Honestly it's so embarrassing how one performance can turn me into jelly!! I watched these guys twice, once at the end of Saturday and again on the Sunday. On the Saturday we got a lot of fanservice from them because there was a malfunction in the sound system, so the Drummer "Dye" aka Mr shirtless in the photo, gave us some fanservice! He danced like MJ, sung a little and spoke to us while the others where getting ready. He was so adorable lmao. Eventually they performed and whoaaaaa, It was stellar! I've never really shown my love for J-Rock until that day. I love Rock music in general, but J-rock was so much more different and cool. It was borderline Visual Kei which I like as well so that was a plus! 

I was able to meet up with a few friends from Stage48, and we watched these two idol groups called Honey Spice and Heisei Kotohime together. They were honestly the cutest bunch of girls I've ever seen! Honey Spice were so energetic and adorable! They got the crowed pumped up quite a bit which was amazing to see! Heisei Kotohime actually performed with traditional Japanese instruments which was pretty cool! I wanted to watch them a little more, but I had to go to a Handshake event! 

Two more groups that I went to see were Dempagumi.Inc and Tokyo Girls Style
Now these two groups are actually in my top 10 Idol groups (well, Until TGS announced they didn't want to be Idols anymore), so I was literally over the moon when I heard they were coming to Hyper Japan! Unfortunately, I was so excited to see Dempagumi,Inc that I completely forgot to take a photo or video, and the Tokyo Girls Style videos and photo's I did take were so blurry and not worthy of showing you guys... 

I did however get a lot of photos of them both during their Handshake Events, which I will show you in my next Hyper Japan post (Part 2/3)! Coming soon! 

Please look out for that post which will come out later on this month! Until then, thanks for reading! If you went to Hyper Japan, did you see any of these acts?
 Which one was your favorite?! 


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