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☆ Minae's Adventures - UKISS Scandal Tour, Live In London ☆

Hello everyone! 

Alright, Time for some giggles.. Almost a year ago, I went to the kpop group U-KISS' concert here in London, and I wrote up a blog post about it.. What I didn't realize was that I never actually published the post I made... Flash forward a ton of months later, and here I am about to post my experience! 
Sorry I only realized now, but without further ado, here is the post! 

My experience with UKISS! ♥ Pre Concert + Concert + Meet & Greet 

The day started off with me waking up at 6:00am because although I was going to the concert, I still had to attend college! I was actually feeling a little sick around this time so I was worried I wouldn't be well enough to go to the concert. Skipping the unimportant parts, I got to class at 8:25am, ready for my 8:30am lesson, Business Studies. An hour later, I went to fetch my sister because we planned to go to the venue together. She had other plans at school that she couldn't cancel so I left without her and went to meet up with my friend Molly (who I talk about a lot on here haha) at the station.

I met up with my friend at around 10:30ish, and got to the venue at 11:10am!! The trains were really good to us that day (THANK YOU TFL!). It wasn't difficult to find the venue because we'd actually been there before lol. There was quite a few people already queued up by the time we got there, about 20 something people? I was the 24th in line so that was pretty swell! 

Fast forwarding again to the interesting part, me and molly decided to get something to eat while we wait, so we got our sandwhiches and snacked on them, joking about random crap (as you do), until suddenly a large coach pulls up. 

Usually, we don't think anything of coaches pulling up on the curb because there are so many of them around london that it's just a normal thing to see. We didn't get up from out spots because we were afraid someone would take it lol. Suddenly we heard the cries of screaming fangirls and we knew from that moment that the coach was actually something special lololol~

We walked (well, ran) up to the coach to see Ukiss waving at the fans! I only got just a tiny glimpse of Kevin by the time I walked up there, giving little heart signs to us before their manager closed the curtains in the coach and blocked out views of the boys. Kevin was cute because he still kept sending heart signs underneath the curtain even after the manager stopped them xD Soon the coach started driving away (towards the back of the venue) so all the fans calmed down a bit and went back to their stances positions in the queue. 

About a good half hour later, I, along with a bunch of other girls, overheard one of the workers at The Forum talking with the manager? It had something to do with them coming through the entrance down the road, so me and the others that overheard her went over to her to ask if we could just see them coming in. Of course she said yes, and we wen't down the road and waited, camera's at the ready, for them to walk by~ 

They came about 5 mintues later! Hoon and Kiseop walked really swiftly so I was barely able to see them. Kevin, Eli, Jun and Soohyun walked a little slower so I was actually able to make out there faces lol. Those 4 waved at us and give us mini heart signs while being rushed inside. They were all wrapped in jumpers and scarfs which made me think (why? it's not that cold? they're probably still not used to the UK's rapid climate changes lol) I was barely able to get any photo's because they moved so quickly but I got this. 

It was a really crappy photo (sorry about that). I was so starstuck lol.
More shitty photo's to come soon haaha~

After they wen't in, it was about 1ish, so we still had a good 5 hours until we actually get into the venue xD During this time I just chatted with the surrounding fans around me, ate food, and watched my fingers go numb (which they do when I'm outside for a long period of time). 

Fast forward 5 hours later, The doors opened, I was checked for ID, got my ticket scanned, and received wristband things to show that I'm also attending the backstage Meet and Greet event.
(My ticket and wristbands that I took a photo of after the concert!) 

Concert time! 

Again, I took incredibly bad photos, but that's okay, it's still proof that I saw them lol! 
Honestly though, I don't like to take photo's constantly during concerts since I'm a firm believer of the whole "The best moments are those that you can actually remember, not those that you see through a camera". I feel like I'm watching a Youtube video when I record concert's, and in the end it doesn't feel like I actually went to see them xD 

The concert was super fun, they performed all the songs I wanted them too which was great, and since me and my friends were at the front of the stage, we got a lot of fanservice lmao. It was a super cool concert! 

Now to end on a bad note lol. 

I don't think I've been to a meet and greet so unorganized in my life. When the tickets came out, there was an announcement saying that we could have a meet and greet session with U-KISS after the concert. It was supposed to be an event where you meet the members, shake their hand, say a few words to them, and get your photo's taken. What it actually was, was a group photo that you were literally pushed into and then pushed out of in less than a minute, and only receiving the group photo days later on facebook. To make things worse, the meet and greet was delayed by an hour!
Now, I don't know about you, but that's not what a Meet and Greet is supposed to be like. Maybe I've been to spoiled by Japanese artists meet and greets where they actually speak to you and joke around while they sign your things and take photos with you. I've seen many KPOP groups before, but this was the first "meet and greet" from a KPOP group that I had the "pleasure" of experiencing. 

I know it wasn't U-KISS' fault, so I took it in stride, especially since they gave me an amazing concert a while before. I was also thankful to Soohyun and Kevin who I was next to in the group photo. I think they could tell I was a little pissed off, because pulled me into a arm hug before they took the picture, then kept saying "thanks for coming" while the security guards pushed us all out lol. My friend Molly was a lot more happy during the meet and greet (because she was next to Jun during the group checki lol), so I decided not to mention the horrible organization that almost ruined the rest of the night for me..

The concert was a solid 10/10, but the Meet and greet was literally a 2/10. I love U-KISS a lot since they're a group I've known since the early days of my being a KPOP fan back in 2008, but for the price I paid for the meet and greet, I don't think it was worth it at all. I feel like I should have gotten a normal concert ticket instead. Would have saved me an extra 50 pounds. 

And that concludes my adventure to U-KISS' Scandal concert! Sorry it ended on a bitter note, but that's just how my day ended, bitter lol. Thinking back now, it's somewhat laughable!! But, I'll remember the better moments of that day instead. 

Again, sorry this post was so late! Have you been to a KPOP concert?
If so, did you get to meet the members after? Leave me a message down below! 


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