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♥ TAG | Top 10 Anime Male Characters (C/W Alluring Alyss) ♥

Hi my sweet potatoes! How are you all enjoying this week? Two days from now, I'll be receiving my A Level results! I'm not going to lie, I'm worried about the results even though I'm 100% sure I've failed (lol), but I tried my best with revising at I time when I was at my lowest, so whatever the outcome, I can console in the fact that the grades I get isn't due to me being lazy for once.

Look at me, already accepting defeat!

A few weeks ago I announced that I would be having a collaboration series with the amazing Alluring Alyss, based around everything to do with Anime! Today I bring to you our next tag.. Since our first one was a top 10 list for favorite anime female characters, we wen't with "Top 10 Anime Male Characters" this time~! This one was a lot harder for me to decide on, because a lot of the time I just gush about how adorable/hot/cute anime guys are, and it takes a lot for characters to have a legit impact on me!
Before reading my list, you should check out Alluring Alyss' top 10 list here first!
Without further ado, here is my top 10 Anime Male Characters~!


10. Kirigaya Kazuto aka Kirito (Sword Art Online)
First up on the list is my beloved Kirito-kun! Oh boy, did Kirito give me the ultimate fan-girl feels.. If I was part of the anime, I would instantly become one of the members of his unofficial Harem LOOL. Ugh he's just so adorable and sweet and he doesn't tolerate any shit from the bad guys. I really dig that lol. I like how he always put people's feelings first, but at the same time stayed logical and didn't stray too far from the main objective. I know a lot of people don't like Kirito because of how he unknowingly "leads the girls on", but I really feel like he's just an oblivious guy lol. That may be due to him always playing games and not going outside often.. SAO is high on my favorite anime of all time list, but Kirito just barely made it into the top 10 for this round!
9. Rentaro Satomi (Black Bullet)
Now, this guy is a little new to my top 10 list~ I watched Black Bullet about two months ago and he really crawled up my list fairly quickly. Needless to say, I love guys who care for people more than they do themselves, but not so much that they neglect their own feelings. Rentaro believes that everyone is equal, whether you're human or a "cursed child", he doesn't believe in discriminating against the young girls that society looks down upon. He treats his initiator like his little sister and teaches the other cursed children just like you would in a classroom. This is a character where I 100% like him simply because of his personality. I don't find him cute or attractive in looks, yet his characteristics alone draws me in. I don't know what it is about this guy, but I think he's really awesome.
8. Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto and Naruto Shippuden) *Manga Spoilers*
Don't laugh!! Seriously, Naruto holds a spot in my heart for being someone I've looked up to since i was a child. You could say he's like the Male anime version of Usagi or Ichigo. I learnt many things from him as a child, and continued to learn things from him until the very end. I literally grew up with him. Everyone makes fun of him, but hes really the best protagonist I've ever come across. Naruto has to be the only character I've ever seen to go through so much shit as a kid, having to suffer the consequences of something he had no control of. Seeing him persevere and never give up no matter what, and watching him take all the hate and turn that into the will to keep fighting. Seeing him befriend his foes and turn bad guys good just by hope and trust and courage (or what I like to call, Talk no Jutsu!). I love how not once did Naruto think he may not get to be Hokage, it was always "I WILL BE HOKAGE", and now he is! I think, over the years Naruto grew up to be a great guy, and I really aspire to have the same mindset as he did.
7. Joujirou Takajou (Charlotte)
This one is a completely new addition to my list, and I mean real new! From the new anime Charlotte comes Joujirou, a first year student who has powers that he can barely control! I really love this new anime, it's been a while since a seasonal anime has gotten into my top 10 lists during the same season its showing. Joujirou is a really cool and collected guy when approached, and he gives off a "typical hot blue haired anime boy with glasses" vibe, but he makes a complete 180 when he either uses his powers (where he becomes somewhat of a masochists), or when he is in the presence of his idol (in which he goes complete crazy wota mode). I find him hilarious, but oddly intriguing, and I've never been so curious about a character before this guy, plus, he's got a body on him LOL damn!! I look forward to seeing how his character progresses throughout the anime!
6. Jean Kirstein (Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan) *Manga Spoilers*
HEAR ME OUT LOL! I really love this guy. Honestly, I really do. I feel like he was the only one to be totally honest with himself and towards his peers throughout the whole anime. At the beginning of the anime where the top 10 of the 104th trainee squad talk about which section of the military they want to be put into, he was the only one who I think gave a legitimate, human-instinct answer. I know that a lot of people when asked "what what you do in that situation" tend to say "Join the Survey Corps of course!", but I've honestly never heard such a greater lie lol. If I saw a titan, I'd run for the hills! If I had the chance to stay away from the titan's I would do so. Now, if I saw that the chances of me being protected from the titans are low, and then see the corps of my best friend at the hands of a titan, or was told to kill someone that was human, I would question my initial stance too. What I'm getting at here is that, Jean is me lol. Really though, I think that he's a guy who stays true to his word, and I appreciate his efforts and the sacrifices he makes so that the Survey Corps can advance further into their mission.
5. Sokka and Zuko (Avatar the Last Airbender) 
ALRIGHT!! I know this one is kind of a double cheat addition in this list since technically ATLA is not a "anime" and I'm putting two guys into one ranking, but they're both just such important characters to me that I really felt the need to include them in this top 10 list. Judge me all you will, but I truly love these guys! 
Let's start with Sokka, Hes just so down to earth and rational and funny and sweet and understanding and just.. wow lmao. I love him!!! Sokka is one of the only guys who I feel really pushed his limits to try and be at the same level as his friends and sister. Being the only one to not have an element to manipulate, he had to work with what he could. He showed me that it's possible to not have an advantage but still succeed in whatever it is you want to do, and that even if you have to work twice as hard to get half of the results anyone else gets, it's still worth it. I take that as a life lesson which I remember every time I'm in a pickle, and all his other personality traits make me love him even more! 

Now for Zuko... I've never gone from hating a guy to sympathizing for him and then liking him. Zuko is one of those guys who feels like he's entitled to anything until he literally gets put down to earth after unfortunate (and unreasonable) events. What makes me adore this guy is the fact that I watched him struggle with growing up in a family filled with conflict while trying to figure out his emotions and have a sense of responsibility. By the end of the series, Zuko had changed from a honor craving brat to a, simply put, decent human being. He made mistakes that literally came back to bite him, but he learned from them and grew into such a sweet guy. And a damn good looking one too! Haha, these two really had an impact in how I saw myself throughout my early teens, and I learnt life skills from them (and to be honest, all of the ATLA characters), so I really love and respect them both.
4. Yuuta Togashi (Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!)
This is probably the only guy on the list who I don't have a really deep and thought out reason for liking lmao. Yuuta is just adorable. So damn adorable and such a little sweetheart to Rikka. The way he tries to make her happy by doing things that he regrets as a child, and always putting her before himself. Ugh I can't contain my emotions haha, he's just so sweet. Boyfriend material right here. Of course, he still has his boundaries and his limits to what he allows to go on around him, and confronts people on their actions when needed. I think that he's just a typical kind anime school boy, which I'm shamelessly attracted to. There was countless times in the anime where I was like "come on, make a move!!" because he's so shy about anything to do with romance, but his heart is full of love. He's a little slow at picking things up at times, and he can make a lot of mistake's, but his flaws are outdone by his amazing heart. 
3. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul /A)
I know what you're all thinking...How in the WORLD did Kaneki not even make the top 2?! To be honest, I agree with you all lmao. But after thinking long and hard about it, I realized that my love for Kaneki is very different from the feelings I have for the top 2 characters.. 
Kaneki to put it simply, is a walking tragedy. That's pretty much it. I can only name one other person who lived a tragic life from the day he was born, and that's Naruto. but damn, Kaneki hit me with the emotions after I saw his story. I'm pretty sure I don't even need to explain his situation to you all. I've just never felt so angry and sorry for someone as much as I have for him. I'm gonna say it... KANEKI  KEN DID NOTHING WRONG!! 

People laugh at me for this, but he really did have a sad life. His dad not being there, his mother neglecting him then dying, his date going all types of wrong, losing his grip on humanity, being tortured to insanity, and then the last remaining person who kept him human literally dying in his arms. That's just too much. Too damn cruel. He's the only character where each episode I would hope for nothing bad to happen to him, because he's already been through enough, but that wish was never granted because as the episodes go on it gets worse. I think what makes me like him so much is that, he's a genuine sweet guy who just wanted to study a subject he loved and date a cute girl who liked the same thing as him. The little moments throughout each episode after he becomes a ghoul, where we get to see his human side, the way he sacrificed his own well being for the good of his friends, seeing him desperately trying to help people get away before he hurts them (eg, Amon), that's what I love the most about him. The fact that he had to go through so much crap pains me, so I'll keep shouting Kaneki did nothing wrong till the day I become a ghoul myself! xD 
2. Sorata Kanada (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajo) 
Okay, I think this is a reoccurring theme for me to like the guys who give me life lessons, because Sorata does just that! Sorata is one of the most normal anime characters you will ever meet. He's just.. well basic. He has nothing "going for him" which makes him stand out and yet, he wants to do and be so many things. He has tried out joining clubs and volunteering to see where he fits in the world, but nothing sticks with him long enough, and he end up dropping that goal. He doesn't sound like the life of the party but honestly, he's the sweetest guy ever and just needs to find his footing. It's only after a bunch of events occur in the Sakurasou school dorms, that he finally finds something that he wants to do. The only issue is that he keeps failing every time he tries. It's a bit weird to say, but I see myself in him, and It doesn't help that he is canonically one day younger than me (Born on the 29th October)!! I guess it's a trait within Scorpio's? ^^;


 I really love that no matter how hard it got he always continued to chase his dreams. That's a type of person who I look up to a lot. I cried a lot watching this anime because every time he failed then got up and tried again, even to the point of him being on the brink of depression, he still tried his hardest to reach his goal, and it reminded me of all the failures I've encountered but, didn't turn them into things I can learn from like Sorata did. When I see him, I'm always reminded to keep trying no matter how hard life gets, because the moment you fail is when you decide to give up. I see quotes like this a lot in life, but it never really hit home until I saw this anime, because Sorata is the first character who I could honestly relate to. 

I'm getting emotional writing this so I'm going to cut this short and go onto the final one! 
1. Haru Yoshida (Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun) 
-I wrote so much here that I had to cut it short lol- 
Where do I begin! Haru is love. Haru is life. Haru is the sweetest little looney animal biscuit I've ever seen in any anime! He's just so caring in his own weird way. Being a kid that was resented a lot while growing up didn't help him much, so he ended up not really knowing how to express himself in a way that was suitable for certain situations. Because of this, seeing his relationship with Shizuku develop into something beautiful was a great sight to see. I loved how he would try to compromise with her, but at the same time do things his way unconsciously, which of course made her angry. He is understanding, yet irrational. He's caring, yet violent. There isn't a way to describe him other than "weird, yet interestingly cute". 
Each episode shows a new side to him which we don't see before, and it gives a deeper explanation to why he is the way he is. While it's somewhat sad, it's also really amusing to watch. He's super cute and at times he can be kinda sexual which is hilarious (due to Shizuku's reactions), but overall he's just a really really sweet kid! I love him a lot, and while he's not Boyfriend material.. well he is.. kinda? haha.. I would love to be his friend, it would be a new experience every day. 

And that's it! 
It seems that the guild lines to get into my top 10 anime list is to; 
1) Do something which has a strong impact on me or gives me life skills
2) Make me feel so sorry for you i cry at the sound of your name
3) Be the cutest little egg head in the universe 

I apologize for shamelessly adding ATLA into the mix of anime, and for technically having 11 instead of 10... and for including Jean and Kirito...and and and1!!! lmao, SORRY! But I hope you enjoyed my top 10 list filled with me gushing over anime boys! Here is a game for you all, count how many times I wrote the words "sweet/sweetest" and "adorable"! First person to answer correctly gets a lucky prize from me! 

Was your favorite character on this list? Let me know down in the comments section below, and follow me to keep updated on this series! 

Also, don't forget to visit Alluring Alyss' blog and check out her top 10 list for male and female characters here! 


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