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☆ Minae's Adventures - Gallery/Museum Visits ☆

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a good week! I've finally gotten into the swing of things in college and have figured out my time table and schedules pretty well. Revision and homework is constantly on my mind these days, the moment I get out of my last lesson of the day I'm either at the library working, in the art studios working, or at home working! Work work work! My motto for this year is 'Work Hard, Play hard.', so I make sure to do all the work before resting. So far it's going well. I've challenged myself to finish work before 7pm, because that's when I usually have dinner, and that's when all the good tv shows start to run lol.

For my fashion & textiles (art) course, I have to go to multiple galleries and do artist research for my portfolio to get inspiration for my work, as well as bumping up my grade for doing extra curriculum activities outside of college lol. Me and my friend Irina (who does a course in Fine Art) decided to take a trip down to South Kensington, the home of Museums and Galleries in London, to explore what each exhibition had to offer. Got up in the crack of dawn and met each other around 9am to get there before the crowds. We went to to Victoria and Albert Museum first for my work, then to The Science Museum for Irina's. We also went to Saatchi Gallery for London Fashion Week, and then took a 20 minute walk to The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

Here are some of the photo's that I took on my trip! *Picture Heavy*

And it was at this exact moment when my camera died on me. Stupidly, I didn't bring an extra batter with my and my phone batter was low, so I didn't get to take any photos of the fashion week! Major apologies haha, It was a last minute decision to go there but I had a great time, there were so many bloggers! I promise, the next time I go to a LFW I will bring extra batteries! I also didn't get any photo's of the National Gallery, but I have a few on my phone, so if you follow my on twitter or instagram you might see me post some of the photos! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Usually on a sunday I would use this day to pamper myself and relax before I start the new week, it's a little late, but i have a late start tomorrow so I'm going to watch a film before bed haha! Have a nice day! 

Have you been to a gallery/museum in London before?
 Let me know down in the comments section below, and follow me to keep updated on my adventures! 


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