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♥ What I got for Christmas 2015 ♥

Hello Everyone! 

How was your Christmas? Or if you don't celebrate it, how has your holidays been for you so far? Right now I'm still trying to recover from the food baby I developed over the last few days lol. Christmas this year has been a rather chilled out one if i'm being totally honest. My family didn't do anything big like we usually do and just decided to have a "quiet" Christmas lmao. It was rather relaxing though and it gave me a reason to have a good time with my family without getting too exhausted by it all. Of course, I got many people asking me to do a "What I got for Christmas 2015" post! I didn't do one last year because I had a shoddy camera and bad editing skills at the time lol but I figured I might as well do it this year since my camera is better and I'm loving the things I got! So without further ado, here it is! 

Gifts from family friends! 
I got these from my mums friends! One of her friends got me a really nice scented body scrub from Dirty Works along with a box of chocolates (which I ate which is why it's not in the photo lol). Her other friend got me a really cute pair of slippers which feel SO good and warm. And her last friend got me a Nutcracker! I almost cried when I opened this one because I've only ever had one nutcracker and he broke when I was 7 lol. Barbie and the Nutcraker was one of my favorite barbie films (and fav xmas film too!) and it's what made me love nutcrackers. This particular one reminds me of the nutcracker in Mindy Gledhill's 'Little Solider' which happens to be my favorite christmas song ever, so I'm so glad she bought me this. They honestly didn't have to get me anything so I'm so grateful for this and thankful that they even thought about giving me a gift!! 

I was really surprised that I even received any of this, I screamed when I opened them all haha! When me and my mum went christmas shopping, I cheekily said to her, "I've been wanting these (M.A.C lipsticks) for ages! /wink wink/", but I didn't expect for her to actually get them for me! She got me the shades Jist (Frost) and Whirl (Dirty Rose). She also got me some more lipsticks from Jack Wills! When we were in Boots I remember looking at this because of the cute packaging so I think she thought I wanted it lmao. They have really nice looking shades though so I can't wait to try it! I got this French Connection Lip Gift Set from my cousin Stacey and the colours are gorgeouss!! I think two of them are lip crayons and the other two are lip stains. I gave them a few swatches and the quality is great! The Clarins set is also from my mum. She's so on point with my gifts I tell you! I haven't given this one any swatches yet but I really love the colour of the packaging so I hope it's true to it's photo. 
tldr: I got lots of lip products lol 

One of the things my mum got me from Victoria's Secret was the Pure Seduction fragrance mist! I can't even explain to you all how much I adore this scent! It's one of my favorite mists in front of my Crescent Bay mist from Hollister and the I love... Raspberry & Blackberry mist's. I recently ran out of this scent so this was a great present! She also got me a Shower Gel from lush called 'Rose Jam'. I tried it out in the smaller 100g bottle and it smelt divine! I ran up to my mum after my shower one morning going "SMELL IT! SMELL ME AND THIS GLORIOUS PRODUCT" lol. When I let her know what product it was she probably got me another one! Another product I got from Lush was the Comforter Shower Cream which was gifted to me by one of my friends Jade! She knows that the Comforter is my all time favorite scent from Lush so I was so happy to receive an extra bottle! I got her a Calvin Klein bralette and told her to take selfies and show me her body haha

I literally screamed the house down when I opened these presents lmao. I've been wanting all of these games since they came out! My mum got me both the Hyperdimension Neptunia HyperCollection and Final Fantasy X/X-2 games. I've already played FFX and X-2 on the PS2 but I don't really play my PS2 at all anymore (unless I want to play Kingdom Hearts), and I wanted to see the game in HD! I never got round to buying the Hypercollection for myself but it looks like my mum looked on my wishlist lol. She bought two of them by accident though lol, When I told her she was like "NO WAY" and explained that she had planned to get me the Atelier collection as well. I found it funny though. I was thinking about doing playthrough's of both the games but that would mean starting up my Youtube again.. tell me what you all think of that idea in the comments section and if you'd watch it lol.
 I played AKIBASTRIP at the MCM expo i think..last year? I can't remember lol but I really wanted it so I put it on my Amazon wishlist. When I was playing that game I was with my friend Jason. He must have remembered when I said I wanted this game so I was so happy to open my present and see this game inside of it! The last time I spoke to him was around 5 months ago (we're still friends, just lowkey lol), so when I got this in the mail I almost cried. I sent him a message to meet up in the new year so I can treat him to a meal as a thank you for the present! 

All of this was from my mum again haha! She got me a really nice Pajama Set and a matching pair of socks from Primark! She also got me a really cute scarf from Primark too. The big grey thing there is actually a really cute grey cardigan from Forever 21! I can't wait to style it with my other outfits! The last two are hats that she got from Stradivarius! This is another thing that she saw me looking at when we went christmas shopping so I have to give it to her, she remembers everything lol. She also got me a really cute pair of pink and black underwear from VS which isn't in the photo because I'm wearing it right now lol 

Other random things!

The two candle's are from myself lol! I've been loving the apple and cinnamon scent's recently because they smell so christmassy, so I bought a couple of them from Wilkinsons! My friend Katie got me some TSUM TSUM'S! She got me the Peter Pan and Captain Hook Tsums! I was so happy when I saw these because when I went into the disney store they were all sold out!! My mum got me a few make-up brushes too! I was a little weary of them when I saw it but the quality is great (I'm talking Real Techniques and Zoeva great!) so I was really  happy! They also have the use of the brushes written at the end so it makes it easier to figure out what brush to use for application.

The Big one! 

This, along with the Final Fantasy game, was the only thing I blatantly asked my mum to get me, so when I opened this up I literally lost the will the live!! It smells absolutely gorgeous and the packaging looks so faking cute!! She was really sneaky with this one because she bought it while I was in the shop with her and I didn't even notice! God bless my mum lol. 


And that's all! I hope you enjoyed being nosy and looking through what I got. I know a lot of people don't enjoy these kind of posts because it's like people are bragging about what they got, but I don't think it's so black and white. I personally really enjoy looking at what people got for christmas, and I'm always grateful for all the things that I get from my loved ones. As long as you appreciate the gifts and cherish those who gave them to you, I don't see any problem in sharing that with the world! 

What did you get for christmas? Let me know down in the comment section below!
Let's play a game! Count how many times I say 'lol' in this post alone! Whoever get's it right gets a mention from me haha~ 
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See you next time!


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