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New Year, Hirunaka no Ryuusei, and Resolutions ♡

Happy New Yeaーr♡

Sorry it's s late.. T_T

Hmm... How should I start this.. 
Eh, I'm writing this as I go along... so nothing is planned right now.. 
I hope you don't mind! ';;
It's quite long, so please bare with me!!! 

 Happy new year! ! ! 

I already said that didn't I?? 
It's been a while hasn't it? 
My phone feels cold right now...
Recently, i've been busy... doing stuff.. thinking about stuff.. reading stuff... learning stuff.. 
I wanted to share it with all of you! 
I feel like we haven't spoke in a while.. 

image But, I'm going to catch up with you all now, okay?! image

2015 went by quickly didn't it? 
I think, 
It was a lot better than 2014.. 
I had really fun moments and not so fun moments.. 
but it allowed me to be able to learn and grow
so i'm grateful 

I've been waking up at decent times this year! 
I'm always up before 10am!! 
this is a big deal for me lol
I had a thought..
When you wake up, do you brush your teeth with cold or warm water? 
Do you shower the night before or in the morning? 
When you eat cereal, do you put the milk before the cereal, or after? 
What do you prefer on your toast? jam or butter? image
These kind of questions cloud my mind in the morning..
I met up with Molly and Tofa again yesterday! 
i called them out randomly after college 
"are you free?"

just like that lol 
I don't usually make plans with people.. 
so i was happy when they came! 
We went shopping but.. we didn't buy much lol
"where do you want to go next?" 
they kept asking me that and let me drag them to shops I wanted to go to image
I received lots of good advice from them 
they're people who I can rely on for honest advice 
the best kind of people!
i don't tell them enough but i appreciate them a lot 
i should try to text them more often.. i'm bad at that...
next time I meet up with them, i want to treat them to a meal! 
i'll save up!! 

my closest friends! 
They're cute right?! 
I won't tell them that though lol

I let out my feelings on things that I wouldn't usually say
telling people how I really feel, i don't do that often...image
but for some reason it's been happening a lot 
i'ts only been a few days but, 
2016 is very eventful image

I have a few exams next week.. so I've been revising as much as I can 
and preparing for them as hard as i can
hopefully it pays off.. 
they're "mock" exams so 
they're not real (lol) but they're still important! 
they base your actual predicted grads off them.. so I have to work hard! 

a lot of my friends have applied for universities 
lots of them have been receiving offers
it makes me happy! 
i'm so proud of them~ 
but i'm... 
not going to university.. 

well, not this year, lol 
I wanted to take an extra year at college.
so that I could have more qualifications as a back up.. 
in case i don't make it with my plan A in life 
I'm really cautious so, 
i prepared myself haha
it's a little lonely though.. but it's okay! 

I got an email from an arts university in japan 
but i can't speak japanese.. and i'm not going to uni this year
so i rejected it;; 
but since then, 
I've been learning japanese!! 
I've always wanted to learn japanese so.. 
in my first blog post of 2015, one resolution was to learn japanese 
but it didn't happen. . . 
I can understand it a little when i'm watching something
and can understand it a tinnyyy bit when it's written
but i can't speak it at all
so this year 
i told myself.. so if the time comes... 
i can visit japan and know how to talk to people and that.. 

speaking of japan! 
i've been reading manga again! 
i stayed up late at night reading manga.. it's been a lot of fun! 
i was talking to some friends of mine 
my friends Leeana and Arima-chan recommened ~ 

I read it in one sitting! 
I love shoujo manga so.. this 

I cried!! 
It was so cute!! 
I don't show it much.. but i'm a hopeless romantic.. 
so this manga was the best! ALSO! 
I started reading Taiyou no ie
it's cute too! but more sad than Hirunaka was.. 

My favorite (ex)idol Tanaka Reina
was reveled to be taking part in a musical called Fushigi Yuugi
it's the musical adaption of the manga! 
she said she was a huge fan of the manga when she was little and recommended it on her blog
so i'm going to read it!! 
If you have a MyAnimeList account, please add me as a friend! 
my account is ~ minaeshi ~ 
If you say you read my blog, i'll instantly send you a message and accept the request!

I never asked! 
How was your holidays?! 
Did you have fun? Where did you go? What did you do? 

It went by so quickly... 
I didn't do much lol
A lot of friends have been inviting me to their birthday events.. 
but since i'm awkward with meeting other people.. 
I wonder if I should go to them.. 

I like to sit at home and watch anime... play games.. read manga.. you know? 
It's lame right?? 
I want 2016 to be the year where I do more things.. 
life's too short to not live it to the fullest! 
sounds a little deep but... 
I'll try my best! 

On the 1st of Januaryyy
I made a new twitter account! 

so, I have two now! 

@hime_minae - my hobbies account, you could say.. 
this account is where i talk about idols, anime, manga, blogging, games and stuff
it's a more /positive/ side of me!

@j_minae - the more "personal" me.. it's more political.. opinionated haha 
it's a side of me that I don't show often... it's even a private account lol
you have to request to see that side of me

i made two so that i can show 2 different sides to myself
both sides make up who I am
so please follow them both! 
it you want to haha 
Well.. this was a long post... sorry about that lol 
I really didn't have anything planned so ; ;;;; 

I hope you enjoyed it! 

another thing!
i made a playlist on soundcloud
it has all the tracks that i listen to when i write my blog posts
so to get a better feel of how i write
please listen to it when you read my posts! 

Before I forget 

 Learn Japanese (at least conversational)
 Get a part time job 
 Keep my fitness routine going
 Go out more with friends 
 Achieve good grades 
 Take more photo's! 
 Become a better version of myself 

I hope you're all having a good day! 
I have lots of posts planned for this year, so please look out for them! 





This is ending really weirdly isn't it


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let's enjoy 2016 together! 


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