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Fashion icon: Iikubo Haruna

Hey everyone! 
Today I wanted to talk about something random~ This blog post is about someone who I look up to! I figured it would fun to do something like this since I've never written a post like this before lol. This will be a short-ish post, i think writing posts like this is fun because i can be straight to the point haha, let me know if you enjoy posts like that or if you prefer long posts! I'll probably continue to do both depending on my mood and the time of day where I write them, but it's nice to have feedback haha. Now, 

This is Iikubo Haruna, from the idol group Morning Musume'16. The end number "16" indicates the year, since morning musume has been active since 1997 with lots of member changes, the number is there for people to know which era a member is part of. MM fans don't really say the end number when talking about them though! 

飯窪春菜さんの「Vネックカットソー(FREE’S MART|フリーズマート)」を使ったコーディネート 飯窪春菜さんの「ベーシックつば広フェルトハット(FREE’S MART|フリーズマート)」を使ったコーディネート 飯窪春菜さんの(MILK|ミルク)を使ったコーディネート

Iikubo Haruna (or Harunan for short) is someone I look to for fashion inspiration! She's an incredibly stylish person, to the point where I question if she chooses her outfits herself lol. Honestly, I would think a stylist would be picking her outfits of the day, but it's her! She can find any piece of clothing and turn it into a really fashionable outfit. 

飯窪春菜さんの「ファーリバトップス(MICOAMERI|ミコアメリ)」を使ったコーディネート 飯窪春菜さんの「ベーシックつば広フェルトハット(FREE’S MART|フリーズマート)」を使ったコーディネート 飯窪春菜さんの「レイヤードシャツ付ワンピース(snidel|スナイデル)」を使ったコーディネート

These are my favorite outfits from her! She posts photo's of her outfits on WEAR almost every day, so check it out to see all her cute outfits haha~ Other than her amazing fashion taste's, she's also a very sweet person. I don't think she's ever had anything bad to say about someone. I really admire that, and hope I can be someone like that, who never vocally judges and makes negative comments. She's always so positive about even the worst things, it's really admirable. 


I also love how much of a weaaboo she is! HAHA, She doesn't look like the type right? But she's actually really into anime, manga and gaming. She also loves to cosplay too! I actually get a lot of manga recommendations from reading her blog posts (it's actually how I found out about Tokyo Ghoul before the anime came out, and how I found out Hirunaka no Ryuusei). She's a huge Zelda fan, so i'm always up to date on the franchise lol. 

I really adore her, she's like the best friend I never had! Since Riho graduated from Morning Musume, Harunan has become my favorite member (Masaki 2nd!). I would love to meet her some day~ 

Ahh, this was supposed to be about fashion, but it turned out like this.. 


Well, that's all from me, see you next time! 

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