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I'm back!

Hi Everyone! 
It's been a while huh?! 
Hm, i didn't really prepare anything to say, and many of you following this blog have probably moved on.. 

Sorry for being away for so long! 
To be honest, there are many reasons why I didn't come on here.. 

My health was bad, I had lots of doctors, dentists, and optitians appoitments these last few months. 
My final year of College was this year, so i spent most of my time from March - June in college. 
But for the most part, it's because I never had time to actually post something. 

It's different on twitter where you can just tweet something whenever you want and it will come up instantly and in seconds. 
With my blog i feel like i have to do everything whole heartedly.
That means I can't just post a few sentences with a few pictures and call it a day (like i do on twitter). 

I didn't want to continue on with this blog until I felt like I was ready to start posting again, so I held off on making posts. 
I figured that since we're in the middle of the year, I've finished college, and my health has gotten a lot better, so I don't need to attend any health appointments again until Janurary, i think this is the best time to make a comeback haha! 

So, what happend?! 

So, as I said before, I won't go into it too much because to be honest, there wasn't really anything noteworthy that happened during those months I was away haha. For a quick overview though, I went job hunting, although not many replies came back to me lol (no worries, i'm still looking!). I finally started learning japanese after years of planning too! And not like, "i know how to say hello and goodbye", but like, actually learning hiragana and kanji, as well as learning phrases and what words to say to people depending on their age, gender, seniority etc! I've got the books and apps needed to learn it, and i'm currently looking for a tutor in london who i can have 1-1 lessons with. I finished my first fashion collection!! I presented it on the last day of college! Uhh, I got a new TV for my room! It's really big (50inch!), and the edges are slim and white, so I can play video games and watch Bobs Burgers on a really nice screen! Speaking of Bob's Burger's, it's become my new favorite show! I also got into Ru Pauls Drag Race since my friends recommended it to me. I had many sleep overs too! I did more sleepovers this year than I have throughout my whole childhood ahaha! Hm... I went to the MCM Expo and Hyper Japan (how could I not, as a self proclaimed weeb lol). I started playing Pokemon Go! It came out late for us in the UK, but once it came out everyone was playing it lol. I said goodbye to two of my favorite Idols from Hello!Project, Zukki and Meimi. It was really bittersweet since they were part of the first generation I saw join H!P in 2011. On the bright side, I saw my 48 group favorites Sayanee and Paruru rank up to 4th and 8th place in the elections, so that made me really happy! What else?? Hm.. I recently started liking these sweets called "Strawbs" from Haribo haha, they taste so good!!!! AH I also went on my first date! It was really fun, we went to an aquarium in the morning, then got some lunch at a cafe, then went sight seeing even though we're not tourists lol, then we ate at my favorite resturant, then went to an arcade to play some games, then we walked around till like 1am??!! Then he took me home lol. It was fun, and he paid for everything so I promised that next time I would pay for everything too lol. I also saw Japanese underground rapper Kohh perform in london! It was really fun since I don't really listen to trap music. He was cute too! I also got 2 new angel fish, and 2 new baby sharks (don't worry, they're not huge ones like in saw lol)! My turtles and cats are of course doing well too! 

So, that's pretty much it! everything that happened from March till now! Not that much right?! Haha, most of the time I spent being lazy and watching anime. Sorry for slacking off! 

Before I end this post I just wanted to stick some self goals and plans I have for this blog and myself for the rest of this year! 

GOALS FOR 2016 (second half) 

- Get a job

- Learn the first book of Japanese 
- Create a second collection 
- Save up for a camera, a laptop, and power bank
- Create a Streaming account for games (either on youtube or twitch) 
- Complete Final Fantasy XV
- Complete my Animal Crossing New Leaf town 
- Plan my impending trip to Japan and Korea
- Sort out my make-up collection
- Get a new shelf 
- Become a person filled with self love and confidence. 

That's all! 
If you're still reading this blog, I just want to thank you for still keeping up with me haha, I've spoken to some of you guys on twitter and tumblr during the last few months, and even met some of you in Hyper Japan!! So thank you all if you still follow me! I promise I won't go a-wall again, and If i do i'll let you know in advance! 

That's it for this post then! 
Since I'm not really doing anything this summer, I'll try to post a blog post at least once a week! If I can keep up with my original schedule, i should post on the following days;

Saturdays OR Sundays

So look out for them! 
That's all for today! 
Thanks for reading! <3 

How have you guys been?! Leave me a comment down below! 

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