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Minae's Life - A few achievements

Hello everyone!
 I just wanted to have a quick chat with you all to talk about what's been going on during these past few weeks, since I haven't done that in a while. When I came back from my 3 month long hiatus earlier on this year, I told you all about what has happened during those months, and what I planned to do to keep on track of things. A lot has changed for me since that post, so let's get straight to it! I
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I guess it would be good to get all the bad things out of the way first. Let's start with one of my friends Quan... He came here to study a few years ago from Singapore and he left recently, about two weeks ago. I was pretty close with him and we always kept in touch so I was pretty upset. Not at the fact that he left, but the way he left. He didn't tell any of us (my group of friends). He just took off... It reminded me of a time where my other friend left for america, and quan didn't show up to his send off party because he hates saying goodbye to people, he said that "it always feels like you're never going to see them again". I can understand the reasoning behind it, but it seemed a but strange to me. 
I guess two years later he had the same outlook on life because he left without giving us any notice. He did write us all very detailed posts which was nice, but it still hurt a lot haha. I wanted to say goodbye properly, because for me it gives me closure you know? I feel like he's selfish, but I feel selfish for thinking that way too lol. Whatever the case, I'll support him with whatever path he chooses to take next! 

I also had to visit the hospital a lot this month for various reasons. My friend got into a car accident, another friend got into a accident at work in the stock rooms, and I had to have some long checkup's due to my asthma flaring up a little. None of these events where life threatening which I'm thankful for, but at the time, each moment was scary haha. I'm glad that everything turned out okay in the end. 

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And now for some good news! If you've been following me on my twitter account you may already know, but since last week I officially became a cast member at Disney Store! You guys honestly do not know how happy I am to have landed myself a job, and at a place that I love no less! When I got the interview for it I was over the moon, but when I got there and saw that it was a group interview, and I had to compete with people who had worked at Disney World Orlando and Hong Kong, I was pretty certain that I hadn't gotten the job. So to see an email from the manager telling me I had in fact gotten the job and that they wanted me to start immediately was just.. indescribable haha. I was in such disbelief! 

I've been working there for a little over a week now, and I'm still in the training period, but i've already gotten to experience so many things. I was able to take part in the opening of the store (you know that huge key you see sitting behind the till's at each store? they use it to open the shop everyday!), greet people, trade pins with tourists, meet some managers from the Disney headquarters, reveal the new Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsum Coffin, and so many more things! It's honestly been such a fun experience and I can't wait to see what else the job will throw my way lol.

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As for college, I start tomorrow! Although by the time you read this post I would have started already~ I didn't talk much about it in my last minae's life post, but after a lot of thought I decided to do my foundation art and design course in my current college, rather than doing it at a university. The reason being is because honestly, I don't think i'm prepared mentally for uni. I'm still learning how to love myself and look after myself without the rent's money lol. I want to be able to start uni once I know that I'm confident enough and willing to be in the position to look after myself and take that extra step forward. I feel like college and sixth forms are meant to be the bridge between being a student who is lead by teachers, and being a student who self learns, but it was only towards the end of my second year at college that I was finally able to think for myself and not just do what the teachers asked of me. I still struggle to even wake up on my own without my mom shouting at me to get up or i'll be late lmao. 
I do think that with my new job which I already love, and starting a new course on something that I love and want to do as a career, will help me to manage and fix all the problems that I have within myself and will allow me to push myself even further.

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I just realized how much I've been rambling, so i'm going to end it here! Sorry for such a abrupt end lol, but I hope you enjoyed my little update on my life. Please look forward to next week where I'll be posting my (very overdue) back to school posts, which for me isn't really overdue since I don't start till the week after next week anyway haha~ 

C'est la vie~! おやすみ.

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Thanks for reading! 

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