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Minae's Life ♥ Winter Update (11/52)

Hello everyone! IT'S BEEN A WHILE~ 

It's the 20th of March which means it's officially Spring! Unfortunately, the weather does not feel like Spring at all lol. At least the snow has stopped, but it's still FREEZING! No matter, I'm going to enjoy the first day of Spring in under my blanket haha

Anyway, how have you all been?! 
I've been alright lol. Lots of up's, a lot more downs, but that's life you know? Gotta keep it moving, keep it pushing and not lose track of the main goal. I've been slaking on the blog posts, I know. I've been having this problem where I get in the mood to write something, draft up tons of posts, but when I read through them all they don't satisfy me enough to publish them, so I don't. The current state of my blog, is the result of that lol.. 

Actually, I was thinking about this blog, and my social media platforms in general.. I've got so many platforms that I simply don't use anymore, and with newer, better platforms on the rise, it makes me wonder if I should make the move to those platforms instead. 

I hardly use Snapchat anymore (the new update killed it for me, and the Rihanna fiasco put the final nail in the coffin for me lol). I love their filters, but I find myself using Instagram stories a lot more. Since I was have a personal and "business" instagram, i feel little to no need for Snapchat now. The only thing keeping me on the platform is that I can only contact some of my friends through that sns (well, I could contact them elsewhere, but they use it the most so I know i'll get a fast response there lol). I've also been thinking about making the change from here (blogger) to Squarespace..... now, the fact that I have to pay for Sqaurespace is already enough to keep me on blogger lol, but I would like to eventually make a professional website to share my artwork and styling work on. Maybe i would have a blog attached to it? something similar to my tumblr blog. I'm still not sure yet, but these are the thoughts I'm having. 

Oh yeah, I wanted to show you guys my foodie adventures! I wouldn't call myself a foodie, but I do like to eat lmao.. I keep track of general things like water intake, sleep, meals, and steps on my Samsung Health app, so I've been taking lots of photo's of my meals and logging them all. I don't post any food photo's on IG anymore (well, maybe a quick post on my igstory lol), so I wanted to show you all here haha~!


Yes, I ate ice cream in the winter lol. 

Oh yeah, I finished my second term of Uni! Well, kinda? I still have one more essay to complete, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't procrastinating on it once again.. As much as I love uni, I feel as if I should have listened to my initial gut feeling that told me to take a gap year. So that I could have a year to heal mentally, and focus on getting my health back on track as well. I've been having this feeling for a while lately. I don't feel comfortable taking a gap year after year one, so I feel like I should have done it before starting the year. The pressure from my parents and other adult figures pushed me to my decision to go to uni, and It was honestly such a stressful process for me. For those of you who are reading this and haven't decided whether you should go to uni or not, I cannot stress this enough, go with your gut feeling and don't worry about what anyone else is doing. 

Since we're on topic of Uni, here's a quick look at what I've been up to? ????? ?? 

image board for one of my styling concepts 


Since my course is Styling based, I've found that I haven't been creating things as much as I would like to at uni. Actually, I haven't been doing a lot of things that you would expect to do while at uni. Joining a club or society, going to workshops, hanging out with friends.. The people who told me uni would be like that lied lol. I guess it's different in art school? Either that or I'm shit at socializing (ehem, it's both). No matter, I'm enjoying it here anyway, and I think term 3 will be my favorite term yet! 

That's kinda all I have to say at the moment? 

*cookies go out to everyone who comment's down below how many times I said lol, haha, or similar throughout this post.


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