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Hello Again!

Is there even any point in saying "it's been a while?" it's been so long I don't even know how to start lol.. 

I'm not going to keep this long like I usually do, just a quick update haha~ 

I have so much I want to talk about and blog about, so I'm going to start up this blog again! I already have a lot of posts prepared so this won't be like last time where I updated and then ghosted for the rest of 2018 rip... 

Urm, so why did I stop posting? 2018 was definitely life changing for me. I traveled a lot (I'll get to that in future posts!), did a lot freelance styling work, and learnt how to love myself just that little bit more! But before any of that happened I also became incredibly depressed, broke up with my boyfriend, watched my health deteriorate again, and decided to take a semi-gap year out of uni. I had to get myself completely out of that bad state before confidently coming back to blogging. I think i'm ready to come back, for real this time! 

So here I am with a lot of free time to re-brand?

I'm going to update this blog's layout, and try to post more often again since I have so so much to talk about lol. 

Content will stay mostly the same since I'm still that idol supporting, anime crazed, JRPG loving girl that abandoned this blog a at the start of this year, but i've found a couple new hobbies I want to share with you too, so look out for it ^^; 

Also, a lot of people I'm close with on here, I was a victim of the twitter birthday bans and around the beginning of june, my account was suspended lol. I've moved to @minaeshit (literally the same name but with a 't' at the end because, i do talk a lot of shit lol), so please follow me and i'll follow you right back! i've missed you guys!! <3 

I hope, if you're still here, you'll continue to support me in 2019! 

Thank you guys for the support up until now! 

Love, Minae


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