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summer anime watch list 👀

Hey guys! I know I know, two months with TWO blog posts each? I'm finally back haha! 

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Boku no hero Academia
Since Myanimelist died on me last summer it created a whole fiasco where I got locked out of my account and of course, as I don't have access to the email I made when I was like 8, I couldn't regain my account, so I had to make a new one. While doing that I had to convert everything from my previous account to my current one, including the actual anime list. I had over 72 'plan to watch' anime, with half of them being anime I no longer had any intention of watching, so I went through each and every anime, read the synopsis's of them all, and decided whether I really planned on watching them anytime soon. needless to say, I didn't lol so around 50 anime slashed from the list, I began to focus on the anime I did actually plan to watch and got started on them this summer!

Boku no Hero Academia, the anime I had planned to watch for such a long time but just couldn't be bothered to start lol.. I finally got round to it! Your typical shounen anime, Main character Deku wants to be a Hero so he can be respected and help others, angry rival, loud glasses boy, cold guy that always ends up being popular, girl that only exists to develop main characters plot, the list goes on! While I did enjoy it a lot and got through all 3 seasons in 1 week (lol), I do feel like it was over hyped. It follows the same formula as any average shounen anime so I didn't really feel like I was watching something new if that makes sense? I feel like Deku is a bit of a weak protag compared to other MC's and I found myself liking Todoroki and All Might more. I absolutely hated Bakugo in season one and two but even in season 3 I found myself liking him, or rooting for him more than Deku, so I hope he gets better character development in the series soon. I also hope Uraraka gets a more fleshed out story then "i like deku and can control gravity" because right now I'm getting Hinata or Kairi vibes and it's annoying 😅

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Urusei Yatsura
I recently got into watching old school anime! My love for the city pop genre and the idol genre brought me down the inevitable road of Showa era idols (idols from the 80's and 90's). One anime in particular always showed up in youtube videos of city pop playlists as clips, that one being Urusei Yatsura. With over 100 episodes I was hesitant to watch it but I finally caved in and holy shit guys, its literally become one of my favorite anime looool it's so fun to watch! It follows a school kid Ataru who, due to some weird events and his constant horny antics lol, has to marry this alien girl called Lum to keep the peace between her world and earth. Every episode makes me laugh and the character are all really developed and interesting. You know how you kinda lose interest if the episode focuses on someone that isn't the main few characters? I don't feel that with this anime. Even the side characters are entertaining. Lum is so cute, I want her as my best friend lol.

Another old anime I began watching is Creamy Mami! omg guys its so fucking hard to find episodes online to watch this show so when I found a youtube account that had the first 20 episodes I thought 'what the heck' and just began watching them at night before bed. It's so relaxing to watch magical girl anime just before I sleep, so I enjoyed this very much! You can definitely see where Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew got their concepts from. Sticking to the magical girl theme, I've also been watching Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!!! You guys know how much I love Kuro haha so despite her not being the main character, I love watching this anime! I also began watching Flying Witch! It's such a relaxing anime that's still humorous and engaging. it's something I definitely recommend watching while you're having a lazy day in bed recharging.

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Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)
Fire Force was one of the few actual 'summer 2019' anime I've been watching and I'm not gonna lie to you guys, it's a little bit of a let down so far.. I don't want to jump the gun and say it's the worst and i'm going to drop it, but I feel like the beautiful graphics are carrying the show. It seems to have a multiple plot lines but isn't sure how to relay them all, whilst giving us back stories for other characters. It's trying to do everything at once and it's making the overall experience lackluster. I do hope i'm wrong and the next few episodes shows some more character development and more insight to the story line, so we'll see where it goes and i'll update you later on.

The last one is Kimetsu no Yaiba and wow guys. wow. I really love this show. Like, really love this show! I've been watching anime since I came out the womb and I don't think i've ever seen a shounen be done so right! It has the usual shounen trope, 'my life was ruined due to x reason and now I vow to destroy all things that are titans/ghouls/government etc', but it has a twist. No, the MC Tanjirou, doesn't become a 'evil thing he yearned to destroy' but his sister Nezuko did instead, so he goes on a journey to protect her. While he is technically a 'Demon Slayer' he recognizes that these demons were once humans and gives them a merciful death. I really like this since so many shounen mc's love to build their kill list knowing full well they're human and it's always like ??? to me lmao.
Despite the last few episodes having a spider family which left my arachnophobia triggered for days, the anime has been absolutely flawless for me. From the story line to the character development, the amazing graphics and the great soundtrack, everything is engaging in some way and I do believe it's the best shounen anime i've seen in a very very long time. There's only around 4 episodes left according to MAL but I can't wait for them to announce a new season, because they have to! Easily Anime of the Year.

My new mal is minaeshit, so feel free to check out the rest of my currently watching list!

Until next time,

Minae ✨


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