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life lately ; 03 - what's up danger?

*immediately after taking this photo i told my boyfriend to clean his dirty mirror lol 
The past few weeks have been extremely hot in the UK right now and I'm honestly not really impressed lol. I'm definitely an autumn kind of girl and I really can't wait for that season to finally land. Summer is great an all, but not when London is hitting the high 30's! If I wanted this kinda temperature I would have flew out to Dubai lmao

The two weeks before my holiday to Rhodes, Greece, I got up to quite a lot of really fun stuff!

July 2nd was the release of Spiderman: Far from home and my boyfriend surprised me with tickets so off we went! GUYSSSS it's literally one of my favorite marvel films ever! Tom Holland is imo the best Peter Parker and the best Spiderman. He knows how to play the character well! Jake Gyllenhaal really surprised me and throughout the film, I almost forgot he was the villain. The story really focused more on the affects of End Game and how people were trying to cope with the events. I liked that because I feel like we get caught up in the superhero part and forget about the lives of normal folk in the films. Unlike Iron Man or Capt who's lives revolve around their superhero, Peter is still a kid so they did well showing that to us. The ending credits.. omg i'm so excited for Spiderman 3 lol. (i wrote this before the sony/disney deal broke off lol... rip me)

*i didn't have any photo's of the actual pride event rip so here are a bunch of random pics i took that week 
July 6 was Pride in London! I was finally able to attend a pride parade! I'm usually always working during that time, and unfortunately the parade doesn't go past my store, so I always miss the festivities. My colleagues who didn't have work that day told me it was starting a little later than usual, so I could catch the second half of the parade after my shift! I went to meet up with them and had the best time! It's not often we meet up outside of work hours, and it felt so great to be ourselves and celebrate our truths! I tend to not really talk about this much since bisexuals get a lot of shit when we're in hetero-normative relationships but that day I felt accepted my my peers and everyone around me, It was so fun! I hope I can go next year haha

July 7 I attended NCT 127 'NEO CITY' in London! I've been soooo excited to see this group perform and I literally fell out of my ass when they announced a tour date in the UK lol. My sister and I went to the concert and had the best time! Regular is literally my favorite kpop boy group song in ages so when that started playing I was off my tits. 😂 The concert was so fun and the venue felt quite intimate. We had a lot of MC moments so we could talk to the members a lot more. I didn't realize a lot of the members spoke english really well haha. Johnny's british accent flopped dramatically but he promised to improve and show us again soon! My camera roll is literally filled with Jaehyun pics since he's my bias lol

July 12 was Day One for Hyper Japan! It was the events 10th anniversary but honestly it didn't really feel like it.. it felt like any normal hyper japan which was a shame since they promoted it like it was a big deal for them so I expected a lot more. But the event was still just as enjoyable as all the other years. I went with my sister and spent a lot of time in the artist alleys, queuing up for food, and playing dragon ball z (which is a super fun game and i kinda want to buy it now lol). Necronomidol performed on the hyper live stage too and it was so fun! The members walked passed me and I posted about it on twitter, then they followed my twitter! I was so happy ^^;

On the 13th I jetted off to greek island of Rhodes, and that's where this post ends haha

Until next time
Minae ✨


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