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movies i watched in august '19 📺

My boyfriend and I unknowingly created a weekly movie night session where we watch random films on netflix, 123 movies or whatever is showing on sky movies. We like going to the cinema for blockbuster (well, mostly marvel lol) films but sometimes just chilling at home with the lights dimmed, pizza delivered, and a 'good' film to keep us entertained is all we need to enjoy each others company. Here are my mini reviews on the movies I watched last month! Of course, this post contains spoilers. 💢

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Shaft - so we both saw this one on the Netflix homepage and immediately texted each other going "let's watch this!" lol. I didn't realize this was actually a franchise, but the film works well as a stand-alone film so it didn't really matter if I didn't know the backstory to Samuel L Jackson's character, the quick backstory explained it all pretty well. My teen crush Avan Jogia was in this film too, much to my boyfriends dismay lmao. The film was decent, had the stereotypical tropes of black families in America but it made it funny and unoffensive. It even spoke out against stereotypes of other races while poking fun at them. It was a lighthearted film with lots of cliche action scenes and romance, but the themes of family kept it all together. It was nice to the three generations of Shaft kicking ass at the end of the film. 4/5

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The Crimes of Grindelwald - Ugh, this damn film. Okay guys i'm gonna be real honest here, I really didn't like this film. And it sucks so bad because I loved Fantastic Beasts so much? Even more than the original Harry Potter franchise, and I was so excited to see them develop the history of the wizarding world a little more, but man did this film suck. Tina is pretty much MIA for most of the film, Newt seems pretty confused with his mind thinking about multiple things (Credence, Tina, Grindelwald, Theseus and Leta), and my good sis QUEENIE! They did my girl so dirty. From the second it was revealed she had Jacob under a spell I knew something changed from the first film. Seeing her pretty much having an emotional breakdown was heartbreaking but, would that make her join the same person she fought against? idk lol... Tina's lack of emotion seeing her own sister join the dark side was pretty weak. Credence joining in seemed a bit off too considering Grindelwald literally tried to kill him in the first film. I felt the pacing suffered due to there being so much going on. I do hope that the next film explains everything better, because unlike Harry Potter, I don't have books to go back to when something doesn't make sense. 2/5 

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White House Down - lol so we were originally watching Aquaman, but we ended up flicking through channels and found this one. I don't know how the film started exactly as we got there just before the bad guys started to infiltrate the white house. I feel bad for saying this but I can't take any film with Channing Tatum as the star seriously lmao. I don't think there's anything wrong with his acting, he's a great actor. For some reason though, he always stars in really lame movies lol. This one was pretty interesting and I love action and suspense films where the main guy is basically playing hide and seek with the bad guys while trying to save the world, or erm the president. 😅 The film is filled with cliche's and really dramatic stunts and explosive action scenes that it's actually hilarious! I found myself going "wtf? looooool" constantly. Since the film was trying to be serious I would say it's technically a shit film, but I enjoyed how bad it was so much that it became good! 3/5

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The Chronicles of Narnia - This is a movie I watched on my own after a long shift at work. I came home, kicked back on the sofa and flicked through channels to see Narnia, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe on tv so of course I had to watch it! Narnia was pretty much the Harry Potter for kids who's parent's didn't want them 'entertaining witchcraft' lmao, so I grew up loving this franchise! Every moment of the film fills me with so much emotions, I never get tired of watching it! Last night I watched Prince Caspian after a rough day and it brought me back to my childhood joys and filled me with nostalgia. I almost cried watching Aslan telling Peter and Susan they couldn't return to Narnia as they have aged too much and have learnt all they could. I adore the first two films but the 3rd one not so much. Not having all the Pevensie kids present was weird, and since Susan is my favorite character, I'm still super bitter about her never returning to Narnia and being left alone while the rest of her family are dead and enjoying life in "aslan's country" (read=heaven) in the final book, so I'm kinda happy we haven't seen any continuation of the franchise lol. If I had to rate the first two films? 5/5

What films have you been watching lately? Apart from Frozen 2, there isn't any more films being released this year that I'm excited for, so I'll probably continue to watch random films for the rest of the year.

Until then,

Minae 💖


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