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self care tips and goals for 2020 ✨

I would definitely be lying if I said I've gotten off to a good start this year... if i'm being completely honest, the first two weeks of 2020 has been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster for me. I've gone from feeling really motivated about the year, planning in my journals and scheduling my future events, to having the worst anxiety attacks since early 2018.. it's a lot to cope with..

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It's clear to me that my current mind set is not going to help me in achieving my future goals for the year. If anything, it's going to make it worse.. it's already started to have an impact on university, my job, and my relationship. So to combat this unhealthy mind of mine, I'm making a list of self care goals and habits for me to achieve this year.

Refocusing Energy into my Craft
♡ Go on a social media detox once a week - I think we can all agree that our generation is pretty glued to our phones. I felt like considering that, my phone usage has been pretty decent. But since my anxiety has been playing up recently, I've found myself constantly looking at social media to distract myself from these worries, needless to say it hasn't worked otherwise I wouldn't still be worrying! I want to use this time to read, play video games, tidy my room, have a pamper day at home, anything that doesn't revolve around social media.

♡ Find a creative hobby - My main hobbies are mostly internet/tech based, and my creative juices are only flowing into my fashion styling career at the moment (and redesigning my animal crossing camp lol), I want a creative hobby like painting or coloring in. This one kinda ties into the first goal, I would like to find something that can keep my brain focused on something that brings me joy and peace, rather than rely on social media which more often than not, accelerates my anxiety. 

Lifestyle changes
♡ Change my wardrobe - I made a Pinterest board showing my 4 different personal styles, and I'm really excited about this as a aspiring fashion stylist! It's the one thing I feel I should have and now that I finally have one (well er, 4), I want to invest in them by creating capsule wardrobes for each one. Doing this will make me feel more comfortable in my own appearance, which will show in the confidence I'll radiate while wearing new looks. It will also help with my confidence in styling looks for other people.

♡ Maintain a sleeping schedule - This is a big one. I'm notorious for sleeping at ridiculous times of the day. I spend most of the evening procrastinating and worrying about things, then spend the night doing the things I should have done in the evening. By morning, I only have two hours to sleep before I have to get up again for uni/work. This makes me fall asleep when I get back home, and I tend to get nightmares or sleep paralysis due to the sporadic sleep schedule, which worsens my anxiety. A viscous cycle indeed. It's something I definitely need to fix. 

Physical Activity and Well-being
♡ Practice yoga / stretches daily - My body is easily burnt out. I'll do two 8 hour shifts back to back at work and be left bed ridden the next day. The slight twist of my neck can leave me with a stiff neck for hours, and my leg cramps are becoming more frequent. Committing to this goal will relax the body and mind, since when I stretch I literally feel the stress slipping away from me. Hoping to make this a morning habit too.

♡ Get Active - 3 times a week: While stretching releases the tensions in my body, I realize that I do need to be a lot more active this year in general. I put on a bit of weight last year and I want to scale that down again to make me feel happier and healthier. I've downloaded Grace's Shreddy app and I'm scheduled in for 3 gym sessions a week which is admittedly a lot for someone like me who hasn't been to the gym since last year lol, but fuck it. I'm going hard or going home this year. I also want to take a long walk once a week, so I might go along with my sister when she takes her walks too.

Mindfulness and Mental Health
♡ Practice spiritual meditation once a month - I've recently been reading up on spiritual meditation and I've always been interested in the occult's of magic. I think being mindful of yourself and removing the misplaced negative energy from your body helps my anxiety a lot but I lost touch with my spiritual side last year.. This year I'm focusing on crystal healing, divination, and following moon and astrology guides to help ground me.

♡ See a therapist - Having someone to talk to about my issues has always helped me realize that most of the time, my anxiety really plays up my insecurities and makes me worry about relatively non-issues. While talking to my mum and friends helps, they have biased opinions, so seeing a therapist again would help me deal with these issues better. So, I re-signed up to my universities mental health service. It's a bit of a wait to get seen, but It's the first step that I need to take. 


I guess this was a different kind of 'resolutions' post. I didn't post my 2020 resolutions because they're all the same as my goals that I posted when I turned 22. I think most people struggle with anxiety of some form, so I hope these goals could be of use to whoever is reading this post.

I hope this year brings you happiness.

Until then,

Minae ✨


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