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trying again..


I always beat myself up over not being burnt out when it comes to content creation or uni work, but I realized that the best way to overcome that feeling is to simply take a step back when things get too overwhelming. I didn't intend for the break to be so long, but I found myself really needing to recuperate and find myself again after such a traumatic 2020, lol. 

I'd been struggling with lost and broken relationships and hearts, family dilemma's and general fatigue from university work. As horrible as it sounds, the pandemic was the least of my problems, and it was the one thing that put my life on hold for the first time in years. I was forced to stop and look at myself and deal with all the trauma and negative emotions I'd built up over the year and just breathe

A year on from the pandemic and I'm back to uni classes, work is opening up again, i'm starting up my freelance work and content creation, i'm in a happy and healthy relationship that genuinely brings me joy and not anxiety, and my family are all healthy. I'm hoping that I can use what I've learnt about myself during the year off and start to make content that I really enjoy again. 

My goals this year are simple; Go at my own pace and create things for me, the success will follow. 

For those of you who still follow my blog or pop in to see my journey, thank you for stopping by! I wanted to change the site layout to reflect the inner change in myself, I hope you like the new design! I also got a new domain! I'm really excited to see what the future holds for 'minaeshi'. I hope my alter 'minae' can live up to the expectations I have for her. 

Until then, 

Jasmine x 


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