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a list of loves, from july

I can confidently say that last month was more busy than all twelve months of 2020 combined. My boyfriend visiting me from the states played a huge part in that, alongside the speed of the vaccine distribution meaning the UK opened up their doors earlier than most. I did so many things, visiting exhibitions, going on cute and fun dates, and spending a little too much money on being a foodie. It will definitely be a month to remember, if not one of the best months of the year. 

There are some things that I've loved this month just that little bit more than others, so I want to take the time out to list(!) a few of the moments or things that stood out for me and made the month of July so special for me, a list of loves, if you will. 

♡ My boyfriend Julian gifted me with a pair of Pink Crocs which honestly shocked the hell out of me because I pretty much live in sneakers and only really make an exception for boots in the autumn/winter and heels during a evening out, so I was confused and apprehensive about this gift. Little did I know I would be wearing them literally every day since, I'm obsessed with them! I'm so grateful he gifted me something that is out of my comfort zone, because now I'm really open to trying out different types of footwear. I've got my eyes on the black and cobblestone coloured crocs, but the latter is currently sold out everywhere, so onto the christmas wish list it goes! 

♡ Around May/June one of my favourite twitch streamers FireDragon suspended his streams for a moment due to mental health, but he returned this month and has been playing Luigi's Mansion speed runs and chill games like monkey ball tennis or pokemon unite. I love to spend my lazy days lounging around with Fifi on the background while I blog (like now) or colour in. He reminded me once again that's it's okay to take breaks if you're feeling burnt out or really down, and come back when you're ready, at your own pace. 

♡ Yes I am absolutely one of those people who try to get home in time for the latest Love Island episode. I will sit there, half watching the show, half reading people's comments on twitter, but I can't get enough of it. It's my guilty pleasure and keeps me entertained throughout the summer. I got Julian into it this year so we binged the first two weeks together and he's been watching it with me almost every night since! I was previously rooting for Millie and Liam, then Faye and Teddy, but at this point I don't think any of them deserve to win lol. Casa Amor was brutal. If I could give the award to an individual person, it would be Millie, Teddy, or Liberty.

♡ While on his visit here, Julian brought his Mandalorian Polaroid Camera over (after being bummed out during his last trip since the camera didn't arrive to his house in time before he left) so we could take some pictures of our memories together this summer. Honestly, it's been years since I last used my instax camera and took a bunch of cute snaps of the moments I've lived, but this trip reminded me how fun it can be! It's so fun to take a spontaneous photo that comes out slightly blurry yet perfectly captures the day. I've now got my eye on the vintage looking instax mini 40 camera, so that's another one for the christmas list! 

♡ Another thing of Julians but has now been left with me, 😏 His Hogwarts throw blanket that keeps me sooooo warm and cozy when he had all the windows in my room open and the two fans on. See, UK heat is different! I can't wait to spend my end of summer evenings snuggled up in this bad boy watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which will inevitably play on a sunday evening every two weeks until halloween, then again every week until christmas. Ah, british television. 

♡ One thing I was surprised to put on this list are Speakeasy styled (and real!) bars that Julian got me into this month. The last trip, he got me into Charcuterie wine bars, so i'll give him credit, he knows how to find a good bar! Speakeasy's are simply a bar in the style of, or authentic, establishments that were prohibited from selling alcohol but did it on the sly anyway. These places are usually hidden underground, under a tunnel, in a tunnel, by a alley way, inside a hotel, you get the gist. I don't drink often, but I enjoy the chilled out vibes of these places, it reminds me of Fantastic Beasts or the Great Gatsby, think 1920's chic. I love leaving at late hours of the night and feeling the slight chill from the summer evenings, not yet freezing, but cold enough for a light jacket. 

♡ On the topic of summer evenings, I've been able to take more late night walks since the sun stays out longer, but also because having Julian around to walk with makes me feel more comfortable and less afraid of walking around late at night. Bittersweet, but let's focus on the sweet. I've been getting my steps in a lot more because of these walks, and I find that playing Pokemon Go and simply walking to random gym spots to battle around my local area means I can walk 5km easily. Now that the sun's going to slowly set earlier each day, I'll make the most of my sunset walks. 

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