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life lately ; 05 - lots and lots of dates

With restrictions being lifted everywhere and things going 'back to normal', life has started to move again, and it feels as if the country as a whole is simply trying to enjoy the summer that we were all deprived of having in 2020. Julian is a big fan of finding cool dining spaces around London, so we went on a bunch of dates, maybe too many now that I look at my bank account lol, but we enjoyed them all nonetheless. 

Being able to enjoy my partners company is something I seem to take for granted while he's here, but as soon as he leaves I feel like we should have done so much more! It's hard to be in a long distance relationship, and if I'm being honest, writing posts like these makes it harder. I just want to relive these moments again, or book the first flight out to New York to see him again. I really do enjoy eating out and having a cheeky sparkly wine on a rooftop garden, and Pergola was a super chilled out place to talk and just enjoy each others company. We ordered some fries and chicken balls as some light bites, but I could have done without the chicken balls haha 


I had this cool idea to watch Fast and the Furious 9, which was honestly the most ridiculous one yet lmao, but the place we went to was so cool! I love finding niche cinema's and hidden places to watch films. It makes the experience more than just the film you're watching! Other times however, I do like to enjoy a nice film or tv show while munching on food. Pizza seems to be our go to choice for movie night whether we're watching the film in the cinema or at home lol. 

Rather than films, Julian's been getting me into baseball! We would watch his grandma's favourite team (Tampa Rays?) play, but my god why does American tv have so many adverts?! We would watch like 3 minutes and then it would cut to ads for 5 minutes! It's completely different here in the UK where we get ads for about 2 minutes max in between 15 minute intervals for shows (or 30/45 minutes for sports or movies), so I spent most of the time munching on pizza slices while complaining about the ads! 

I've also been getting Julian into marvel! We watched Falcon and the Winter Soldier together when he was visiting back in april, and this time we've been watching Loki! I don't think he really understands everything yet but we've got time to explore the lore before I start making him come with me to watch all the phase 4 films haha! He's been getting me into Star Wars as well, so I've been watching the clone wars(?)! I really wanted to start Bad Batch with him but we didn't have time, hopefully we can watch it soon..

As much as I love eating out, we spend wayyy too much money so I've started to budget my spending more and I've been planning for future goals and investments! I've been pretty excited about that lately so I might make a post on it soon. I've been very annoying by constantly nagging Julian about saving money while he's studying at law school, so I hope he isn't too frustrated at me rip. 

I also realized that I put on a couple pounds lmao, I'm not too devastated by it since my body size fluctuates a lot due to my IBS, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't sat on the floor crying my eyes out because I couldn't fit into my summer clothes lol. On the bright side, it meant that I could spend even more money on buying a bunch of new clothes! Retail therapy is never recommended but oh does it feel so good. Don't worry, the budgeting plan is in full force, so I won't be spending stupid amounts of money next month. I've already written off this month lol. 

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