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life lately ; 06 - hello from new york!

I write this from the bed of my boyfriends Manhattan apartment, as I wait for him to return from his late evening study session at law school, hopefully with some take out since I still struggle to use his kitchen stove. It's a little chilly, I can hear the howling of the wind even with the huge windows being tightly shut. Since I brought his harry potter throw back with me, I've been wrapped up at all times to defend from the drafts that still linger around the apartment. Sometimes I still can't really believe I'm here. I can't believe I've been here a week and not done much at all. The days all seemed to lump together into one. Since today has been rather slow, I began to reflect and plan my purpose for this somewhat impromptu 2 month trip to the states.

The last few months have been a whirlwind of emotions and deep thinking about my life. An early quarter life crisis if you will. October was probably the most stressful, nerve wracking 31 days I've ever experienced in my life. On the 30th day of the month, I had my last shift at Disney, closing the book to my 5 years filled with magic. Throughout the months of August and September, I spent most of my shifts nervously wondering "what next?". I graduated university back in June and I felt like months were just passing me by with nothing changing. No improvements, no growth. I know I just graduated and it takes time, but I felt stagnant and unhappy, so I left. The day news slipped out that the United States would be opening their doors to international friends on November 8th, I handed in my two weeks notice, I booked my flights to see my boyfriend in New York and didn't look back. 

So here I am, one week into my time in the big apple, and I haven't really done much. It's as they say, your problems don't fix themselves because you left the place you had those problems in. You just changed the background, but the person you are remains the same. Not that I expected to see any changes by simply flying out the country. I knew I would need to continue putting the work in to make something of myself. Many of my friends and co-workers said it was stupid to leave my job with no backup plan just to see my boyfriend, especially after being rejected from countless job applications and the master's course I was so sure I would get into. I kind of agree with them, it was so very reckless of me and not anything like I would usually do. 

I'm the type to make plans and stick to my goals, so it was pretty wild for me to suddenly quit my job and leave the country, but here I am. I spent the first week just relaxing, talking walks around the area to familiarize myself with the local shops and closest Pret a Manger (Starbucks seems to be much more popular here, Pret's are hardly around, so I've had to settle for a coffee without a warm croissant!). My boyfriends hitting crunch time with his law school studies, so I'm here to help relieve his stress, make sure he eats, and keep him from throwing himself out this tall apartment lol. I missed him a lot, and after his 3 trips to see me in our long distance relationship, I felt it was high time I returned the favour and paid him a visit before he comes back with me for Christmas with my family. 

I know how easy it is for me to be a homebody and just vibe in his apartment and not venture out anywhere, but I'm in New York! There is so so much to do and see here that I simply cannot spend all my time sitting around drinking coffee and scrolling through twitter. I didn't come here without any plan, I'm a fashion stylist, and I plan to put my expertise into practice while in another fashion capital with a different sense of style. I'm so excited to plan looks and even more excited to try collaborating with New York stylists while I'm here! I want to expand my skills and grow more confidence in my ability to style. I want to use this time to rediscover my love for fashion and grow my social media platforms to represent the growth I'm experiencing here. 

I know time will fly by and before I know it, it will be Christmas week and I'll be flying home, so I'm going to enjoy this amazing opportunity I've given myself. Taking it easy but not too easy, exploring and learning. With lots of cuddles for the rest of the year, I'm going to end this year feeling accomplished and ready for anything the world throws at me. 


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