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idol with minae ; 01 - because i simply love idols

Hi friends! In a complete turn around of events, my mood is surprisingly much much happier than it was the last few days, I gave a completely new meaning to 'Sunday Reset' with the way my mood has changed from the past weekend to today. I tidied my room, deleted all the rejection emails, got lots of reassurance and love from my boyfriend, and lots of friends sent me kind words while I was down. It really lifted my spirits and made me feel like myself again. I'm not exactly there yet but I'm satisfied with the work I'm putting in to make things happen. :') I've been an idol fan for years now and I've always loved talking about the latest releases or things that are happening in the idol world. Since it's such an important part of my life, I feel it's only right that I talk about these hobbies here from time to time again. Having an 'aesthetic' blog that caters to everyone is nice and all but this is ultimately the place where I can talk endlessly about idols, so even if idols aren't your cup of tea, I hope you give them a chance because there is such a wide range of idols and music, and I'm sure you'll find something you enjoy.

For long time readers, you might remember that I would post a list of songs I was listening to, or a lengthy post about a special occasion or a graduation, and I want to bring all of that back, because it's something I enjoy a lot and have enjoyed for over 10 years now, so I want to share my love for idols with you all again. :) So let's jump straight into this one, here are a few songs that I've been enjoying a lot this past month!

♡ Riho - Reflection (yes the entire EP lol)
If spotify wrapped was to be released today then Riho would easily dominate the top artist position, and probably every song in the top 5. Both her EP's have been phenomenal and I'm so happy that she's releasing music! I love pretty much every song in her discography but if I had to pick a top 5, three of them would be from this EP; Take a Breath, Winding Road, and Melt. I didn't really think Riho would come out with music like this, but it's the kind of music I love the most, so i'm really happy!

♡ Choi Yena - SMILEY
I SAY HEY! JUST SMILE AWAY! I love this song! It's so cute and so Yena! I really truly missed her and I'm glad she's the same Yena that we saw in Iz*one. This song is a total earworm and the music video is beautiful! I like my little superhero haha! The winks were too much tho LOL, so many of them!

♡ Sakurazaka46 - Sonia
Here it is, my favourite Sakurazaka46 song to date. When I first heard this song I felt overwhelming love for the group, they are really an amazing idol and I hope they receive lots more love! I actually listening to this song a whole lot during my time in New York, and when I was struggling with various issue's it really helped me not feel so down. It makes me feel the same way that Keyakizaka's Kimi ga Inai does. I'm happy that with the rebrand we've gotten more soft songs from them, because I enjoy them so very much. :')

♡ I'VE - Eleven
Of course I had to anticipate I've debut since my Iz*one babies Yujin and Wonyoung are re-debuting! I was pretty confused with the title track initially but by the end of the song I was really feeling it! As much as I adore my Iz*one girls, I really gravitated towards Rei, her rap and style is really killer! She might end up my bias lol. 

♡ AKB48 - Nemohamo Rumor
Hey what's up? Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing! This song has been out for months now but it's one of my favourite AKB songs in a very long time. It's so fun and for the first time in a while I really feel the unity within the group and the drive to achieve new things together. The interview in the MV really irritates me but I listen to it on spotify so it's a non issue really. The energy the group has now is so exciting! It's a new era that I'm really looking forward too!

This song really brought me back to 2009 with the gothic lolita maid type of song that I would hear a lot from Vocaloids, but I'm a total sucker for that kind of weird music lol. It's not creepy enough to be a halloween song, but enough for it be a creepy love song for valentines day, which is interesting enough I guess. I'm actually much more of a =LOVE fan, but I've been enjoying the new single from their little sisters.

♡ Morning Musume - Yoshi Yoshi Shite Hoshii no
LOL The entire month this song was out in December I really didn't care much for it, but for some reason I kept singing this randomly. Tsunku's style of music strikes again huh! I'll be honest, this song goes straight in the c*nty songs from Mizuki era alongside Are you Happy and Seishun Say Aha for me, it's so good! I hope that if they continue with the same style of music, they make more songs that make we wanna shake my ass lol 

♡ Sayashi Riho - LAZER
Call me a cheater for putting my oshi's music on the list twice now, but sue me lol I love her so much and I love Lazer so much! This song single-handedly saved January for me. During the times I felt I was struggling, I would listen to this song and it would make me want to keep going. Her music is really inspiring for me I guess. Lazer has the unique cuteness from idol songs with the light high pitch chimes in the background, but it also sounds like the type of song that would do well with the general public, so even if you're not an idol fan please give it a listen!

Aespa - Savage (the whole EP)
I'll be honest, I wasn't going to bother stanning Aespa, but I also knew they were going to be amazing because when has SM ever debuted a group that makes shit music? Exactly lol. I'm used to the bohemian rhapsody type of songs from SM but this one really blew me away, that "i'm a savage' bridge into the chorus and then Ningning's gospel high notes at the end?! A slay. I also really love Lucid Dreams and Yeppi Yeppi! I'm looking forward to what they put out next. My naevis, we love you xoxo

♡ Kamiyado - Erazor
So this one appeared in the suggested songs of my Jpop spotify playlist and I instantly fell in love with it! It's got such a sad melancholy nostalgic kinda vibe that I love in songs lol. They remind me of Flower just a little bit, and I'm surprised they've been active for so many years but I haven't seen my circle of idol fans bring them up! I checked out the rest of their songs on spotify and I really love their vibe, so I'm going to follow them more!

♡ Fromis_9 - DM
I'll be honest, the last Fromis_9 song I really truly loved was Love Bomb, and ever since then the songs they've been putting out just wasn't hitting for me, but DM is such a lovely fun song with a cute older girl crush concept that I can't help but fall for. It's not as catchy as Love Bomb was for me but I like it enough to have it in my head throughout the day. I hope this is the year Fromis9 have their "Oh My Girl" moment with this song.

♡ BEYOOOOONDS - Eiyuu~ Waratte! Chopin Senpai!
Filled with absolute fun and joy, beyooooonds treats us with probably the most 'idol' song I've heard in years. Using classical music in idol songs usually turns into a mess but they did this so perfectly and made it their own. The styling and production of the mv is amazing! Every time I watch it I'm filled with pure joy, and even just listening to it is enough to want to get up and swing my arms like a musical conductor lol. I'm really happy with this release and I hope they gain more fans! don't say it, don't say it........ to infinity, and beyooooonds!! :')

And that's a wrap! I really enjoy writing these rather long posts so I hope you enjoy reading them just as much! 
Leave me a comment down below on what idol song you've been listening to on repeat lately, and see you next time! 


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