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Summer Playlist 2016!


How has your week been everyone?! I have to say, i've done absolutely nothing this week lol. 
I don't think i wasted the week though, i did a lot of fun things at home. I watched lots of Bobs Burgers and Celebrity Big Brother, watched a few streamers on Twitch, played Animal Crossing and Pokemon (X, not Go lol), and played with my cats lol. I don't need much to make a day fun lol 

While i'm doing those things, I like to have some background music to listen to, and i like for the music to suit the mood. Of course, since it's summer, it's been quite sunny outside this past week with a few light showers (i sound like a weather forecaster lol), so I've been in the summer mood for a while (is that a thing? i'm gonna make it a thing). 

My summer playlist doesn't depend on much, it just has to have a nice beat and i'm good haha! 

So here are some songs that are currently on my summer playlist! 
Note that I tend to listen to songs from years back, but this post is only going to feature songs on my summer playlist that have been released this year! As usual, I have a mix of English, Korean and Japanese songs to show you! 
So let's get to it! 

Years & Years - Worship 

I only heard this song recently while watching telly and i'm really diggin it right now! I don't really talk about how much I love Y&Y but I really do, they're so cool. I wanted to go to their concert but me and my friends couldn't buy the tickers in time lol. I could totally here this song in Ibiza. The MV is kinda weird though lol. This song sounds pretty similar to their typical style, so if you like their other music then you'll probably enjoy this one!
MV: 6/10 + SONG: 7/10 = Overall 13/20 

SISTAR - I Like That 

Sistar is known for their Summer songs like Shake it and Touch My Body, but I really prefer their songs that sound more like this. This is where I think Sistar excel the most. This song just screams sistar, and i'm in complete love with the aesthetic of the music video!! Not so much of a summer song like their usual ones, but this made the cut for my summer playlist~ 
MV: 9/10 + SONG: 8/10 = Overall 17/20 


Ahh, this song gives me life! This is the best summer song i've heard from any japanese idol group this year. It's catchy, the boys are hella cute, it has a super cool dance and the music video is absolutely beautiful! You honestly can't help but dance to this song whenever you hear it! I just wanna take this moment to say I'm so proud of them for selling so many copies for this single! 
MV: 9/10 + SONG: 7/10 = Overall 16/20 

SEVENTEEN - Very Nice 

My other babies! Ugh I'm so so impressed at how popular Seventeen got in just a year. They really know what the fans want haha. This music video is filled with tons of fanservice with awkward dancing and weird outfits, but the song is very nice (see what i did there?), so it makes up for it haha. The ending is so cute as well. For a group with so many members, it's nice to see the line distribution and screen time is divided well. VERY. NICE. /twerks
MV: 7/10 + SONG: 8/10 = Overall 15/20 

Arianna Grande - Into You 

Okay this song is very overplayed but it was between this and 5th Harmony's "Work From Home" which i think might be the most overplayed song in the UK...ever. So I settled for this lol. I love Ari for her aesthetically pleasing music videos, and I know she's always deliver with her vocals. I tend to be worried about the song itself more than anything else, and this time I happened to like the mashup they created for this song. Nicely done~ 
MV: 9/10 + SONG: 8/10 = Overall 17/20 

The Second - Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!!

YEAH! I love this song so much, this is pretty much my go to summer song for parties. If you're a fan of EXILE TRIBE, you'll notice hundreds of cameo's in this MV from various artists. This song honestly just bangs, you have to listen to it on blast or you won't do it justice lol. I loveeee the part where the song stops and suddenly goes crazy lol. THE NAE NAE~~ I'm living! Eyyy Crystal Kay with the pizza!! Such a fun music video and song, i'm turning up to this any day. 
MV: 10/10 + SONG: 8/10 = Overall 18/20 


I was wondering whether I should even include this one because it came out in January, but i've found myself listening to it a lot more this summer. It sounds like one of those songs you listen to when you're just chilling at home reading a magazine with the fan blowing hot air in your face, which is basically what most of my summer has been lol. I don't really listen to much of winner's music, but this is definitely my favorite from them. The music video is cute too~ 
MV: 7/10 + SONG: 7/10 = Overall 14/20 

Rihanna - Work 

Okay, this might be the most played song this year. I admit, i'm getting kinda tired of the song, but regardless, when it comes on I can't stop my body from moving lol. I love Riri a lot so I got nothing but praise for her. And i know it's already been cleared up months ago, but let me just take a moment to say that she isn't talking gibberish, she's talking patios (pronounced pat-wa) which is a combination of languages, and it's used a lot in the Caribbean. She's repping the ends with this song so i'm hype lol! #caribbeangirlswinning #drakeiscooltoolol
MV: 7/10 (pink mv is a solid 10/10 though) + SONG: 8/10 = Overall 15/20 


How can I have a summer playlist post and not include AAA? They always deliver when it comes to summer vibe tracks and I love it! This song is a odd mix of auto-tuned voices and their normal voices and usually i would find it weird, but i love how they did it here. All the little sounds in the chorus really make this song for me. The music video is simple but i like it a lot. The little scenes in the bedroom and  supermarket is basically how i spend my summer lol. 10 point for accurate presentations. I didn't like the awkward Sprite promotion though, but it didn't take away from the nice song and MV, so i'm satisfied ^^ 
MV: 8/10 + SONG: 10/10 = Overall 18/20 


Hm, Taeyeon. I won't lie, my opinion on her changed drastically after Jessica left SNSD and some things where said, however, I won't deny that her voice and talent is above average and she knows how to drop some really decent tracks (which is more than what i can say about snsd's releases recently..). I adore this song and like Ariana, Taeyeon always delivers with her vocals. The music video is stunning and the song is such a jam, honestly i can't stop hitting replay with this one. A BOP. 
MV: 9/10 + SONG: 10/10 = Overall 19/20 

BOOM BOOM SATALITTE - Lay Your Hands on Me
Finally, we're at the last song! 

This song is probably one of my favorite summer songs this year. I heard this song on the top 10 weekly charts for Japanese artists, and it led me to the anime KIZNAIVER, which i loved and will review soon! This song is honestly a bop and it goes so well with the kiznaiver opening theme. I love the music video too, it's simple yet beautifully done. Unfortunately, the lead singer of the band developed brain cancer and is subsequently paralyzed, so this release was the bands final song. The girl in the music video is his daughter. It's such an unfortunate thing to happen, but i think that this is such a great song to say goodbye to the fans with. They definitely left with a bang (or a boom)! 
MV: 7/10 + SONG: 11/10 = Overall 17/20 +1 


And that's it! My favorite songs on my summer playlist for this year! I hope you all enjoyed listening to each of these songs and if you haven't heard of any of these artists before, I really urge you to check them out because they're all really talented! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Stay tuned for more to come! 

What was your favorite song for this summer?
Leave me a comment down below or sent me a tweet! 

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