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Hi everyone! 

You know when you first listen to a song and you really like it? Then you spend a lot of time researching the artist and find yourself loving their music? So then you look at the artist performing and end up really liking the artist themselves? 

Or maybe you've seen a few clips of an anime on your news feed and was intrigued by it, so you looked it up and started watching the anime, to which you fell in love with it? 

You might have heard a really powerful quote from somewhere and you found out it was from a book, so you got that book for yourself to read and ended up being hooked on it for the rest of the night? 

All these things happen to me a lot. I spend a lot of my time watching new shows (drama's, reality shows, anime, or soap), reading new things, playing new games and listening to some new artists. I tend to research something a LOT when i'm interested in it, and can spend hours doing so. Most of the time, I'm really excited about what I've found and I want to show it to all of my friends and family, you know how it goes lol... Sometimes they don't care enough to listen, sometimes they listen but they're not really listening, sometimes they are listening and they search it up themselves! I've come across this scenario a lot over the years, but most of the time it seems to be a case of me really REALLY wanting to talk about something but no one is there at that moment to listen, and that's where this post comes in! 

I decided to start up a new series called "SPOTLIGHT", pretty basic I know lol, maybe i'll change the name in the future, but for now, it fits it's purpose haha. I want to be able to share new shows, new anime, new games, new artists, new groups, new drama's, pretty much anything that's new to me, and have a place where I can talk about them for a while and in a sense, get it all out of my system. 

Each spotlight will have a different topic, for example I might talk about Bob's Burger's one week, and Pokemon Go the next, it just depends on what i've recently discovered or what i'm currently raving about at that point in time lol. 

So that's pretty much all I had to say haha~ I hope you guys enjoy this series since it's something that i really want share with you all. Of course, if you guys already know of whatever I'll be sharing in each spotlight post, please comment on the post so that we can talk about it together and even create a little community with other readers for that topic! 


If you like the idea of this series, please let me know down below in the comments section! Thanks for reading! 

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