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I've been blogging for a few years now, and over that time I've gotten a lot of similar questions, so here's a little FAQ for you! If you still don't happen to find the answer to your question, please send me an email at with 'Minaeshi Blog' as the subject. Thank you. 

Where did you get your blog name / usename from? 
My friends and family's nicknames for me are "jas", "min", "meena" or "minae", so I just took the latter and used it as my username haha! The 'shi' comes from me being a complete weeb when I was younger, and not much has changed so it just kinda stuck lol  

Do you tag all your posts?
I try to tag my posts with whatever is relevant. You can find all my series blog posts in the categories tab or alternatively use the search bar for anything specific.  

What type of music do you listen to? 
JPOP, KPOP, Latin Music, Girl rappers, Lo-fi hip hop, random playlists on spotify, vocaloids, soundcloud rappers, classical music, 00's rnb music... I'm not picky haha

What kpop/jpop idol groups do you stan? 
jpop: sakurazaka46, hello!project, nmb48, bish, exile, da-ice
kpop: shinee, iz*one, superm, red velvet, oh my girl, hyuna, sunmi

What camera(s) do you use? / What do you use to edit your photo's? 
Currently using either my iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Plus. I'll use photoshop and premiere pro to edit on my laptop, and Foodie, Glitche, Picsart, and iMovie on my phone. 

Where do you buy your products from? 
Beauty/Skincare: Yesstyle for asian products, Superdrug for western products. Lush, Glossier.  
Clothing: Yesstyle, Nike, Adidas, UNIQLO, H&M, Weekday. Random online stores.
Other products will be listed and labeled in the blog post. 

Where did you get your theme?
I always make sure the theme credit is linked at the bottom of the page. 

Do you go to Comic Con/Anime Conventions?
I try to. Most of them happen during the most busiest times of the academic or fashion year rip. I usually go to Hyper Japan, MCM Expo, London Film and Comic Con, and EGX. 

Thanks for reading! 

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