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Minae's life 01 ♥ SMTOWN Flashmob & Summer Memories ^^

Hi everyone ~!
Time flies doesn't it? I've got a lot to talk about but I'll put it into short paragraphs to save time xD

SMTOWN London flashmob D-Day was yesterday! It was great ^^
I won't lie and say everything went smoothly because that was definitely NOT the case. We had a lot of problems before the event..

First, The admins were supposed to meet up at 12 but the train line we needed to get to the meeting point was closed, so we had to relocate and try to find an alternative route to get to the meeting point. We thought that would be the end of our troubles but then we found out the speakers we needed were not in stock anymore, meaning we had to run around London looking for speakers.
Mind you, this was at 1:10pm and we were supposed to meet the dancers at 1pm for the last hour preparations.
By 1:49pm we finally found a speaker and was able to run towards Trafalgar Sq, the place we were holding the flashmob. What we didn't know was that a protest for something about Syria was going on at the same time we were supposed to perform, meaning we had to wait an hour.. Not only that, our NEW speakers broke too.

These were the speakers we bought for £30. They're portable speakers but they lasted about 5 minutes even when we bought new batteries for it. Honestly this product is like 1/10 and I honestly wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

After the protesters left, We had to look for new speakers. A really kind (yet grumpy?) man lent us his speakers for us to perform with, and it ended as a huge success! Check out the video here~ 

I was behind the camera shooting all of this, so I'm not in this video, but another admin Hebe (the dancer at the front) was performing and she did an amazing job! I was so proud of how this event went ^^ 

Unfortunately I couldn't be happy throughout the whole day because just after the event had finished, I got really bad stomach cramps which made me moody throughout the remainder of the day. I felt so sick that I wanted to cry. I did get to have Bubble tea from my favorite b-tea shop "Boba Jam", went to one of my favorite Korean restaurants ASSA and had some amazing Kimchi fried rice, which all of you know, is my favorite korean dish! xD
I had a really nice sleep and woke up early so the cramps have gotten a lot better now and have almost disappeared.

This summer has been so slow yet fast at the same time. I don't even remember July happening to be honest, the only thing I really did in July was go to Hyper Japan xD I have had such a great summer, I spent it with people I love most yet can't see often ^^ 
I met Hebe and Gbemi countless times this holiday, met British T-list twice (although once without Zahra ;~;) and saw Zahra, Christine and Sally again yesterday because they came to cheer us on at the flashmob :'D I met up with my old dance crew which was amazing, I couldn't stop crying though because I missed them all so much..
I met up with the dorks A LOT this holiday, I got to do so much with them, Go Purikura hunting, Thorpe Park, Strolling, Playing video games, and just acting like total idiots throughout the summer~ 

I had to say good bye to two really awesome people, Amina and Bradley. Amina left for japan almost a week ago now, to live there forever... I don't think i'll see her until next year, and that might even be the last time I can see her, so I was really upset when I was saying goodbye. ;~; And my string mate Bradley left for America 3 days ago to do a course at college, so I won't see him for a year ;w; It was really horrible saying goodbye because all of us were crying and he was just smiling the whole way through. (His older sister actually texted me the day after saying the moment he got onto the plane he cried like a baby x'D).
I'll miss them both so much, and can't wait to see them again :'D 

Here's two pictures I managed to take with the adorable T-LIST on the 29th July and 19th August ^_^ 


I need to get so much stuff!  Today is going to be homework day, so I don't need to worry about it for the remainder of the holidays ~ Tomorrow I have to get school bags and stationary from Camden :3 
That's all for now I guess, I'm going to give myself a french manicure hohohooo~ ^^ 



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