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Message + Future Cosplay Idea's!

Hello people!

*Before I continue I wanted to apologize for the lack of updates. I was going to upload a new post on the 2nd Sept, but after hearing about the situation with Ladies Code and Eunbi and Risae's death, I wasn't feeling up to updating. Ladies Code was a girl group that I hoped would be a super popular new generation group along with Apink, Girls Day and Red Velvet. This situation is such a tragedy and I've been feeling a lot of emotions and bad nostalgia these last few days because of it. I wish that Eunbi and Risae went to a great place and that Sojung, Ashley and Zuni recover from their injuries and trauma. I wish the absolute best for the remaining members. 

As much as putting seat belts on annoys the crap out of us, I honestly cannot stress this enough, please please PLEASE wear a seat belt when you're in any vehicle that contains them. They're there for a reason, to keep you alive when accidents like this happen.

To those of you who do read my blog, or those who have just happened to come across this blog, I want to thank you for just being alive, whoever you are. Eunbi and Risae was not able to reach the rest of her hopes and dreams, so be thankful that you're all alive and well enough to be able to chase yours, whether your dream is to be a singer, a lawyer, a doctor or a stylist. I hope that you guys cherish every day that you live~ 

Rest in Peace Eunbi and Risae ♥

Due to me missing a bunch of days, I didn't want to go too behind schedule, so I'm not going to be posting my August Favorites post (I'm sorry!) and will instead make a quick list on what exactly were my favorites~ 

♡ Anime: Ao Haru Ride
♡ Manga: Stand Up!
♡ Book: 1Q84 - Haruki Murakami (still)
♡ Drama: It's okay, It's Love
♡ Song: Daisy - Kyoukai no Kanata ED
♡ Game: Animal Crossing NL
♡ Food: Pepperoni Pizza
♡ Drink: Water
♡ Outfit: Black Dress + Black DM's
♡ Make-up: White eye highlighter

Now, onto the original post!

I've been gone for a while, sorry about that, I've been busy enrolling for college so I haven't had time to write anything up until today! I'll do better next time haha~ Today I will be talking about a few cosplay idea's I've got in mind.

Cosplay is, in short, the act of dressing up as a fictional character, whether for a job or simply because you enjoy being a character you like. I for one am the latter, and I like dressing up as characters from anime or games that I enjoy. Depending on the cosplay I will buy it or make it myself. I usually attend the MCM London Expo which is in the last weekend of May and October respectively, and because the shipping estimated times for cosplay and material are really slow (about a month of so if you're lucky), I write up a list of possible cosplay and buy it around the end of august so that I can make it to my house in time for the October Expo. So here are a bunch of characters that I've been thinking about cosplaying!

Serena (POKEMON X & Y)

This is a simple cosplay that I've pretty much already completed! Serena from Pokemon, a Pokemon Trainer in the Anime and the Default female trainer in Pokemon X and Y! I first saw this character in the game and wanted to cosplay her outfit from the moment I saw it. It's such a simple outfit that doesn't look out of the ordinary, so you don't even need to use it for cosplay alone, You can wear this cosplay on a general day at school or on the weekends! 

Super Sonico

Sonico has to be the cutest girl I've ever seen?! 
Words cannot describe how much I love this girl, and I've found myself wanting to collect as many figurines as I possibly can afford to of her's xD This particular photo shows her exact outfit that I want to cosplay. Sonico has a lot of outfits that are quite revealing so it was hard to pick one that I loved which was in my comfort zone that I actually loved but this one is my all time favorite outfit of her's and it's pretty easy to make without actually having to buy material, I could literally use things I have in my wardrobe for this! This will probably be an outfit I would wear for when I'm looking to buy things inside the EXPO stalls hall. 


Iris is another character from Pokemon that I wanted to cosplay. Not her basic trainer outfit though, instead its her Pokemon Master outfit! I really love how princess-y it looks compared to her general outfit, and our skin tones are quite similar (not that it really matters, you can cosplay anyone you want regardless of your skin tone!!) so it would easier for onlookers to recognize who I'm cosplaying. Iris is actually a character that I'm conflicted with because I love her in the Game, but I can't stand her in the Anime! When she talks to ash and says "ugh, you're such a kid!" despite being one herself, it reaaaallllyyyy annoys the hell outta me. xD

Valerie (POKEMON X & Y)

Valerie is yet another Pokemon character that I really want to cosplay. She also appears in Pokemon X and Y, and she is my favorite Gym Leader out of all the the gym leaders in this games series. Her style is absolutely fab! I love literally every detail about her outfit so I couldn't help but put this on my list of cosplay idea's. One point that I love the most about her outfit is the sleeves. It elongates past the hands, and the details on the sleeves makes them look like wings! She literally screams Fairy/Mystic type ^^

Shiro (No Game No Life) 

For me, her being cute is reason enough to want to cosplay her. She was so adorable in the anime yet so smart and tactical too. Her style is simple yet cute and her hair is beautiful! Honestly when I see her, this is how I wish to be (cute, doesn't talk much, ace's every game she plays), so cosplaying her is a little step close to that wish! Her sailor uniform makes her look a lot cuter too. 

Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew) 

Do I even have to explain this one? Ichigo is my favorite magical girl of all time! Tokyo Mew mew is the reason why I got into magical girl anime (and anime in general) in the first place, so she holds a special place in my heart. Everything about her reminded me of myself and the one thing that she always managed to do no matter how difficult, was to never give up (which is something I do a lot..). 
Her outfit is also my favorite out of all the Mew Mew's because its so pink and puffy aha~ 
Cosplaying her is a dream in the making as I've been slowly making progress on the dress!

Sinon (GGO/SAO II)

Sinon is actually a new addition to the list. I wasn't too fond of her in the manga of GGO (and to be honest, I'm really fond of the manga series in general), but i really love the way they portrayed her in the anime. She's such a fighter which is a personality I love to see in girls like her. Her outfit is quiet revealing for me but sometimes I like to be taken out of my comfort zone. I probably won't be doing this cosplay any time this year, but maybe next year October when I have enough money to create her sniper and hand gun. 

Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Ahhh, This is a cosplay that I MUST MUST MUST do at least once in my life! 
Azula is my all time favorite villain (Yes, she even beats the likes of Loki and Sephiroth!)
I loved her story line so much, and although I can't say it relates to me, I can sympathize with her a lot in many aspects. When you're really good at something you can't help but want to improve at it until you're at you're peak, and sometimes you tend to neglect others around you. That's one thing that Azula did that reminded me of myself a while back. I'm not a psychopath like she was, though. 

Her outfits are all amazing but my favorite one has to be her final outfit (Series 3), where she battles Zuko in a Agni Kai. The detail is very simple yet stylish. I loved how crazy Azula had her hair down, so when I cosplay her I will do that as well, instead of wearing the hair in a bun. 

And that's it!
Hopefully I will be able to cosplay all of these characters some time in the future. Some I may have to buy and other I will make, but it will take a while because I'm starting College soon! So far my CON attendance line-up will be;

EGX London September 2014

Saturday - Serena (Pokemon X)

London MCM Expo October 2014

Friday - Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB0048) 
Saturday - Azula (ATLA)
Sunday - Serena (Pokemon X) 

Hyper Japan 2015

Friday - Undecided
Saturday - Ichigo Mew (Tokyo Mew Mew)
Sunday - Super Sonico

I have a question, Who would you cosplay if you had the chance to? Send me a reply down in the comments section! 

That's all for now, thank you for reading, and again, sorry for the late update! 


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