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Minae's life 05 ♥ Become Legend!

Time for an update on Minae's life! 

*The 'Minae's Life ♥ ' series is a segment where I (minae) post about myself, and my life, to put it simply.
Please read it and enjoy my "blog" posts ^^ 

I caught a cold recently.. 
It's the start of the autumn season~ 
It's the time of year where I get ill because I'm freezing cold and boiling hot at the same time!
Recently, I've finally gotten into the routine of getting up for school figuring out the lesson plans. 
It's been really stressful 
but I got through! 

I have a four hour gap in between my lessons. 
It sucks! 

It's a waste of money to go home and come back, so I go to the shopping center
and sometimes the arcade! 

My business studies class is really fun~ 
But there are so many guys in this class! 

Only 5 girls in a class of 29 students! 

As someone who came from
an all girls school 

this isn't something that I'm used to.. 
being around boys all the time
its weird right? 

girls who went to an all girls school may understand me. 

I'm fine though, I like talking to them, they're all friendly
And I can relate to them too! 

With video games 

The were shocked when they found out I liked playing games 
they were like 
"but you're a girl" 

does me being a girl make it weird? 
apparently so! 

Speaking of games, 

last week....


I bought..




Photo: After waiting for over 6 hours, I am finally home with a hot coco on my table and about to play #Destiny !! 

Thank you #GAME for making those long hours fun! ^_^ 
#DestinyUKLaunch #BecomeLegend

I love this game! I got it last week monday on the midnight release! 

It was so cool, I got freebies too! 

I'm currently on level 14. 
I am A 
Warlock ~Awoken~

It's a really fun game, so I recommened it! 
If you have a PSN account, add me! 

 PSN >> minaekei 

We can play on fireteams together!! 

That's all for now~ 

Until now its been 


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