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11 questions about Christmas! ♥

Hey readers! 

If you haven't noticed, I changed the style of my blog posts. It's based more on Lifestyle now, as I don't really talk about fashion and beauty that much. Although I will still post about those topics from time to time, I mostly just blabber about things people aren't interested in. 
You're all welcome to join my nation of magical girls ^_^ 

This blog post will be 11 questions that I frequently get during the holiday season from followers on tumblr and friends, so let's get to it! 

1) What is your favorite Christmas Tradition? 
My favorite tradition would have to be where my mother allows me and my sister (and my kittens) to open up one of our Christmas presents on the night of Christmas Eve. During that time we usually sit having hot chocolate, while watching a corny Christmas film. I always get that feeling of "Christmas is finally here!" during this time. It feels so festive~

2) Items you absolutely cannot live without during Winter? 
I would say the basic essentials for winter. It gets super cold in the UK from November, and by December we start seeing the temperature going down to below -2 degrees. I usually always carry around the following~ 

  • Lip Balm: Because there is no way I'm allowing my lips to get chapped lmao 
  • My Red Inhaler: I usually always carry my Blue inhaler throughout the year, but my asthma gets really bad during the winter so just taking a little jog down the road for a few seconds makes my airwaves shrink. I need to use this everyday throughout winter so I can stay alive be able to go about my day without problems :3 
  • Gloves, Mittens, Scarf and Hat: This is just basic equipment for the winter. If you don't wear these things in the UK during these months you might actually die, its that cold. 
  • Whipped cream: My hot drinks never taste the same without it during the cold nights~ 
  • Muffins: I don't know what to say about this one other than..., I'm British. 

3) 1 thing you like about Christmas?
Everyone seems a lot more nicer during this time of month. It's as if the festivities just lightens up the mood. I love walking into a local cafe and seeing everyone being so jolly, or going to a super market and seeing someone do something nice to a person they don't know, or just hearing someone saying "Merry Christmas" with a smile on their face. I wish people were happy like this all year round... 

4) 1 thing you dislike about Christmas?

The lack of Christmas lights. This is kind of a touchy subject... England is dominantly a christian country, so I always grew up seeing lots of Christmas lights during December. I live in London which has become very multicultural, so there aren't many people who celebrate Christmas or get into the festive spirit. *Note that I respect everyone's religions and views and I'm by no means judging anyone. It would be nice to see more lights up like when I was younger, but times change~ 

5) When do you open your presents? 

The morning of Christmas day! I find it weird when people tell me they open their presents on Christmas Eve. I open only one on Christmas eve, but not all of them. My mum says we have to have something to look forward to in the morning xD 

6) Have you ever had a White Christmas?
Unfortunately not. I think the weather is really mean to the UK during Christmas... One December a few years back, it snowed from the 22nd to the 24th, so everyone was certain we would have a white Chritsmas, but on the 25th, the snow had melted, and the snowfall had ceased, so we were once again left with a dry but cold Christmas haha. 
Please mother nature, LET IT SNOW ON CHRISTMAS DAY! 

7) Fake or Real Christmas tree? 
All my life I've had a fake Christmas tree, but my mum said that she used to have a real one when she lived with her family, and she's actually thinking of having a real one this year! I don't know if I would like it, because real tree's are messy right? My kittens will play around with it and create a huge mess! 

8) One Christmas movie you watch every year during December? 
My mum always find this on TV instead of me so I can't actually remember the name of the film and I've never bothered to ask her, but it's about a guy who is determined to be able to see his Christmas lights from space! He has a neighbor who cannot stand the lights and tries to get rid of them, which makes the two neighbors fight, much to the discontent of their families. If anyone knows the name of the film, please let me know. 

9) Favorite Christmas song? 
Mindy Gledhill - Little soldier. I literally have no words for this amazing song. Reminds me of when I was little. I love it a lot! Go listen to it! 

10) When do you put up the Christmas Tree?
On the second Saturday of December which is in two days time, so you guys will be able to see my tree soon! 

11) Have you ever kissed someone under a mistletoe, if so who? 
I almost did haha, but we're both too shy... I've never told anyone who it was with and I don't think I ever will. We're still great friends though~

That's it for today~ ! 


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